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Cardi B Isn't Rushing Into Motherhood Again For This Practical Reason

by Gillian Walters

Cardi B can't get enough of her 6-month-old daughter, Kulture. The mom often gushes about the baby, and it's clear the two share a strong bond. But does Cardi B want more kids? Her approach to the idea is pretty practical.

The "I Like It" rapper said the *sweetest* thing about motherhood in September 2018. "It's the best feeling in the world," she said about becoming a mom, according to E! News. "I love it. This is what I was missing my whole life? I love it!"

Given Cardi B's special bond with Kulture, it's reasonable to wonder whether she's planning on having more kids with her estranged (sort of) husband, Offset.

"I want to have more kids," Cardi B admitted to Entertainment Tonight. "Whatever my body can take, and I feel like I can take it. It's so easy for people to be like, 'Oh, I want four or five kids.' But it's like, 'Can you really take that?'"

So, does the rapper have a timeline in mind? Don't expect her to procreate again anytime soon.

“I want a second child, but I got so much things to do first. It’s like, I want to learn more, you know?” Cardi explained to People on Saturday. “It’s not that easy to have a child, so you just want to learn more and more and the process and wait ’til they get a little bit bigger.”

Makes sense, right? Although there's no right or wrong time to expand your family (the decision is personal and unique to each person), it's cool that Cardi B is approaching the situation practically. First-time motherhood can be tough, and there's no reason for Cardi B to rush anything.

Another issue for Cardi B to consider is her up and down relationship with Offset. After announcing their separation in December 2018, the two are now in the process of working things out.

I hang out with him, I talk to him every day and we do our thing. It’s just like—to make things perfect…it takes time, she explained recently, according to Cosmopolitan. You know, f—ing and hanging out doesn’t mean that you guys are on like a perfect note, it takes time...And it’s a marriage and there’s a child involved and family involved.”

Plus, did I already mention postpartum life wasn't the most enjoyable time for Cardi B?

"“People don’t really talk about what you go through after pregnancy," she shared, according to Billboard. "Like, they don’t tell you that you get stitches down there or that your first two weeks you’re constipated. Or that you get contractions because of breastfeeding. I wasn’t expecting that. When Kulture was born, I felt like I was a kid again, everything was making me cry, and I needed a lot of love."

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Of course, Cardi B can handle anything that comes her way. The new mom is tough, motivated, and has a big well of love to draw from. Whenever Cardi B decides to procreate again, I'm sure it will be the right time for her.