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Corinne's Nanny May Be Constantly On Call

Corinne has been standing out on Season 21 of The Bachelor, though not necessarily "for the right reasons," a concept that is very important to the very essence of the show. She's proven herself to be an attention-getter of maximum proportions, swooping down on Nick with other women like a hawk to seize any lulls in conversation with an ominous, "Can I steal you?" Corinne is not used to being ignored, which kind of makes sense when you remember that she still has a nanny despite being in her mid-twenties. Corinne's nanny first appeared in her introductory video, but the circumstances of this situation are all very mysterious. Is Corinne's nanny always on call? Does Corinne's nanny live with her?

Though Corinne has made it clear that she is a very important businesswoman who does very important business things with her time, in the season premiere her nanny was spotted serving her a snack while she was knee-deep in work. Corinne made it clear that if she ever moved out of her house, her nanny Raquel would be along for the ride, though that doesn't totally clear up the living situation. After all, Raquel could just be really open to commuting.

In a clip for an upcoming episode, Corinne explains to the other girls just how much she relies on Raquel. "Raquel keeps my life together, OK?" Corinne says, before going on to list all of the very important things Raquel does for her that she absolutely cannot do herself, like make "cheese pasta" or wash her own clothes. "She makes sure that my bed is made every morning, makes my cucumber and my vegetable slices for lunch. She makes my lemon salad – she knows exactly how much oil, lemon, and garlic salt I like."

That still doesn't explain whether or not Raquel lives with Corinne, but if she's there to make her bed every morning, then either Raquel lives there or she works some early hours. Perhaps Corinne's family still ascribes to a Victorian sensibility that demands a young girl have a governess until she is eligible for marriage. Perhaps when Corinne says "nanny" what she actually means is "assistant." The possibilities are endless.

One thing is for sure: Corinne and Raquel are very close. In a tweet that has since been deleted, Corinne referred to her nanny as "part of [her] family," so there's a chance that she simply uses the word "nanny" in a more affectionate sense than a literal one. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

If Raquel makes an appearance during hometown visits (if Corinne lasts that long on the show, which I personally am hoping she does), then she might be able to clear things up a little, so we can finally get this living situation question resolved once and for all.