Does Dragonglass Kill You On 'Game Of Thrones'? It's One Way To Defeat The White Walkers

This season of Game of Thrones has been a bit of a reunion season, although some reunions happier than others. In Episode 6 of Season 6, Benjen Stark was reunited with Bran and Meera, saving them from the White Walkers in the knick of time. Seeing Benjen Stark alive on Game of Thrones has given viewers a bit of closure, as the member of the Night's Watch has been M.I.A. for the past five seasons, but it also brought a whole lot more questions. Namely, about dragonglass, which seems to have the ability to kill White Walkers, but also stop the wight magic from taking over your humanly body. Even though it aided in keeping Benjen "alive", you can't help but wonder, does dragonglass kill you on Game of Thrones?

It should be noted that if dragonglass can kill humans and White Walkers alike, then it may be the key in defeating them when the time comes. We all know that the time is coming since, well, being marked by the Night King has its disadvantages. Especially if your big brother already pissed him off once. But let's establish what this magical rock-like substance is exactly, and what it means for the wars to come.

What Is Dragonglass?

First, it's important to establish what dragonglass is exactly and how it is made in Game of Thrones. In real life, dragonglass is basically the same thing as hardened volcanic glass that we know as obsidian. So it should only make sense that, if you hadn't already guessed by the name, dragonglass is made by dragons. But since there haven't been dragons around in hundreds of years (until now, thanks to Dany, our resident Mother of Dragons), much of the dragonglass spears were created from the dragonstone found at Blackwater or otherwise in the North.

Can Dragonglass Kill You?

As we saw in Episode 5 this season of Game of Thrones, dragonglass can turn the average human into a White Walker. But, its magical properties also make it possible to be like kryptonite to White Walkers themselves. As we've seen by way of Sam fending off White Walkers while protecting himself, Gilly, and Little Sam, Dragonglass is the only thing that can kill one of the undead as easily as Valyrian steel. Since there are only so many Valyrian steel swords left in the Seven Kingdoms, then the dragonglass looks like it will be the thing most will be able to arm themselves with in order to fight the White Walkers.

What Other Powers Does It Hold?

Judging by what we've seen so far in Season 6 of Game of Thrones, dragonglass is a multi-faceted mineral. It can create a White Walker, a la the Children of The Forest creating the Night King. It can also stop the spread of what makes the White Walkers the way they are, as those handy forest children did for Benjen Stark. Then again, dragonglass also has the ability to kill White Walkers. Just imagine it on a late night infomercial with an overzealous host asking you, "What can't it do?!"

As far as dragonglass being able to kill the humans of Game of Thrones, that has yet to be totally confirmed. We know for sure though that it will be the way for armies to fight back at the White Walkers and have at least some sort of chance in the eventual war that will have man facing the White Walkers who were originally created to defeat them.