Jinger Duggar's New Life In LA Has Sparked Questions About Whether She Has A Nanny

Counting On star Jinger Duggar has seemingly carved out her own path in a family where tradition means a whole lot. The Duggar daughter has a made a name for herself outside of her family, whether it be for wearing jeans or moving out of the family's home state of Arkansas. But does her slightly rebellious (by Duggar standards, at least) mindset apply to her parenting too? Although most women in her family stay home with their children, Jinger Duggar might have a nanny, a possibility that popped up in some fans' minds after the reality star and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, moved to Los Angeles.

Jinger and Jeremy are parents to sweet little girl Felicity, who will turn one on July 19 this year. And anyone who follows Jinger on Instagram is well-aware that the proud mom (and talented photographer, I might add) is pretty gaga over her little girl. Her social media feed is full of pictures of Felicity, and I think we can expect some gorgeous sunlit shots of the little girl now that the couple has moved from their home in Laredo, Texas to the San Fernando Valley in California, where Jeremy is currently enrolled in school.

In a not so surprising twist, Jinger celebrated the family's arrival with a picture of Felicity in the grass and the caption, "Summer in Cali" on June 22.

While the Vuolos are presumably pretty excited to have embarked on a new adventure all on their own, striking out for the Golden Coast and all that jazz, there's one issue that might be difficult — babysitters. The Duggar family is enormous, with 19 kids plus spouses plus an ever-growing number of grandchildren (Anna Duggar, Kendra Caldwell and Lauren Swanson are expecting babies right now with husbands Josh, Joe and Josiah Duggar) and while living close to your family isn't always ideal, it does mean babysitting services and a little help every once in a while. Now that the couple are in California, however, they're a bit too far to enlist the services of a Duggar babysitter for date nights.

Not that this seems to be an issue for Jinger and Jeremy because they appear to bring Felicity everywhere they go.

Jinger and Jeremy don't appear to have hired a nanny since moving to California, especially since the young mom was recently photographed coming out of a Trader Joe's with Felicity in tow. As any mom out there will tell you, taking babies to grocery stores is the worst. If Jinger had a nanny, I think it's safe to say she would be able to hit the supermarket alone.

It seems to me that Jinger and Jeremy are finding their footing as parents in their own way. They waited a year after marriage to get pregnant with Felicity (which is highly unusual in the Duggar family) and they've moved to California to enjoy new adventures with their little family. And if they want to employ a nanny some day, obviously there would be nothing wrong with that. But all signs point to their family of three standing on their own, at least for now.