Does JoJo From 'The Bachelor' Want Kids? She Has Her Hands Full

We are two weeks away from finale of The Bachelor and it is almost that time of the year. The time of year when our fateful Bachelor of the year gets a visit from jeweler Neil Lane and picks out a bright and shiny engagement ring to use to propose to his bride to be. Whether or not Bachelor Ben Higgins is engaged is no longer a question due to his spilling of the beans on Good Morning America. But there are a lot more questions to ask. Like, who does Ben get engaged to? And does Ben want kids? Most importantly, does JoJo from The Bachelor want kids? She definitely has her hands full — with her dog, of course.

Before Ben gets engaged to one of the final two lucky ladies on The Bachelor Season 20 finale, he has to make sure that the woman he chooses is the right one for him, before making the next leap into engagement, then marriage and possibly having kids. And, when talking about marriage, the conversation of having kids tends to be brought up.

Ben has been very vocal about wanting kids somewhere down the line. According to ABC News, Ben is open about wanting to be a father. When asked if he wanted to settle down and have kids, Ben answered with a confident "yes."

I'm definitely ready to find that person. There is not a question in my mind.

But does JoJo want kids?

Reading from her profile on ABC, JoJo is very proud of her heritage — which she would maybe want to share with kids of her own?

My mom is Persian, and my Dad was born and raised in Tennessee. I’m proud of my mother’s background despite what social opinions are. It’s important for me to stand up to people stereotyping Iranians.

Currently, it seems like JoJo has her hands full with her super expressive adorable dog, Jackson, posting this photo to her Instagram profile on Thursday.

Judging from her Instagram, it seems like JoJo cares and loves for Jackson very much. Could she care for a child just as soon if she does get engaged to Ben?

While that question isn't one for me to answer, it seems like JoJo is an extremely attentive mother to her pooch and would make a great mother regardless of whether or not she does want children. Just look at this adorable photo with Jackson that she captioned with "#familyportrait"

For now, fans of Bachelor nation will sit at home and wait for the Season 20 finale to air in a few weeks before knowing who Ben will decide to spend the rest of his life and start a family with.