Is Ben Engaged To JoJo? 'The Bachelor' Spilled The Beans This Week

Sometimes Ben Higgins can seem a bit scatterbrained (can you blame him, with that many love-life issues on his plate?). This week, the reality TV star broke all the rules of Bachelor Nation first by telling two contestants he was in love and then telling Good Morning America that he is currently engaged. Of course, now that he's spilled the beans, inquiring minds need to know: Is Ben engaged to JoJo or to Lauren?

Why is he torturing us like this? (It's almost as bad as bringing Caila to the fantasy suite and then giving her the boot.) I mean, just when you think you a guy, right?

A source had told Entertainment Tonight this week that Ben knew "very early on" who he wanted to propose to and on Tuesday morning, he could hardly contain himself. "I am engaged," he said. "I can say that?" Ben added that it felt good to finally be able to get that off of his chest.

I don't think Ben was supposed to admit that he proposes to someone on the finale, though everyone has been able to see that coming. Especially since he's admitted to loving both JoJo and Lauren. So which one is it? There are good arguments for both ladies, but I'm feeling a JoJo vibe. Even though her brothers seemed to scare him a little bit, that didn't seem to get in the way of him professing his love for JoJo in Jamaica. I think things are serious between those two kids.

JoJo's Twitter and Instagram timelines are pretty cheerful, like blushing bride cheerful. She's into posting pictures from the filming of the final episodes and joking about her hometown date, when cameras caught her mom slugging wine in the kitchen. Plus, Lauren has definitely returned to her dayjob as a flight attendant and remains friends with Amanda Stanton, who was sent home (after Ben met her kids, no less). Does that mean they've moved on?

Of course, this is all just speculation, but I'd say that it could be a little awkward for Ben's fiancée to remain close to past contestants. Especially Amanda, who was rightfully a little miffed that he had the gall to play with her children and then send her packing. Just seems a little impossible all around.

I'm just going to say it Bachelor fans — Ben Higgins is a bit of a tease. There is no way the women don't feel that, either. If Amanda and Lauren are BFFs (or even just Facebook friends) after the taping of the show, all eyes on JoJo getting that final rose. Maybe it's cliche to think that scorned women would band together but... it does happen. But, unless Ben gives another live interview and violates every Bachelor rule known to the television universe, we'll just have to wait a few more weeks to find out which woman has a ring on her finger.