Bill Matlock/ABC

This 'Bachelor' May Finally Pop The Question

The whole point of The Bachelor, whether you agree with it or not, is for one single man to be able to find his wife out of the 30 women the producers chose for him. While the concept sounds like something out of a Sister Wives spin-off, it actually works a lot of the time (well, for a little while at least). But that still leaves room for plenty of error, so does Nick propose on The Bachelor this season?

On The Bachelor and Bachelorette and even Bachelor In Paradise, the suitors typically meet with ring designer Neil Lane and pick out an engagement ring. On both of the seasons Nick has appeared on The Bachelorette, he didn't leave with a fiancé and on BIP he picked out a ring, but in the end chose to end things with Jen Saviano. So given his history of getting zero engagements in Bachelor Nation, will Nick finally get down on one knee during his season on The Bachelor?

He doesn't have to by any means, but traditionally, it's a general understanding that a proposal is what this is all leading up to (especially for those women saying "I love you"). Since this is likely the last time Nick will have the chance to find love in reality TV dating, I assume he'll pop the question, but with Nick, anything can happen.

Honestly, the serious candidates for a proposal right now are Raven and Vanessa. Rachel is out of the equation at this point since she's officially going to be the next Bachelorette and Corinne and Nick have great chemistry, but I'm not sure if it can graduate to a full-on engagement. That being said, though, neither Raven's nor Vanessa's social media accounts have given anything away thus far.

And on the one hand, you kind of expect him to propose since he's made it clear that he came on the show to finally find a wife. But on the other hand, Nick has done things a little differently this season, so maybe he'll surprise us all and not feel ready to make such a big commitment.

He did, however, ask for and receive awkward blessings from almost all of the dads of the four women during hometown dates (Rachel's dad wasn't able to be there). So he's definitely preparing for the big moment. In the end, though, I guess the real question is, given the amount of tears and drama this season, if Nick proposes on The Bachelor, will the contestant say yes? We won't have to wait too much longer to find out.