Nick Viall's Plans For The Future Remain Unclear

After a tumultuous (and dramatic) few months, Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor finally came to an end on Monday. As any Bachelor fan knows by now, Season 21 concluded with Nick choosing Vanessa Grimaldi over Raven Gates in an emotional final rose ceremony. This wasn't an entirely expected outcome, particularly since Vanessa and Nick had been dealing with some tension over the past few weeks. But now that they're together, talk in Bach nation has turned towards their future. Many are wondering when they'll get married or start a family. But does The Bachelor Nick Viall want kids? It's not a subject the now-former Bachelor star has explicitly broached this season.

At 36 years old, Nick has made it clear time and again this season that he's ready to settle down — hence agreeing to appear on a Bachelor franchise show for the fourth (and hopefully final) time. He hasn't addressed the question of kids directly just yet, but odds are, his idea of "settling down" will include future little Nicks and Vanessas. As one of 11 kids (Nick is the second eldest), the Bachelor star made it clear throughout his season that his family is very important to him. There's also a big age gap between Nick and some of his younger siblings (like scene-stealer Bella), so it's not hard to imagine that he's got at least some measure of pseudo-parenting experience.

Beyond this conjecture, Nick and Vanessa have made clear that they're committed to taking things slow and building up a relationship offscreen. On the After the Final Rose special, the Bachelor star and his winner spoke frankly about the fact that their relationship has taken work and hasn't been perfect. They're not even thinking about setting a wedding date yet, so I'm sure they're not talking babies for the time being. Just watch how they reacted near the end of the below Jimmy Kimmel Live! clip when the host made a joke about them expecting a baby.

On top of that, Nick is about to be very busy with his Dancing With the Stars gig, while Vanessa is in the process of immigrating from Montreal to Los Angeles. It's unlikely that a baby is in the cards right now, though if the two do stay together, there will probably be one down the line. Back in January, during an interview with Glamour, Vanessa listed wanting kids as one of her "non-negotiables" in a relationship. Given that, it's probably safe to assume that Nick and Vanessa had the baby talk and are on the same page about wanting kids (at some point).