Here's How Oral Sex Changes During Pregnancy

In my humble opinion, oral sex is Mother Nature's thank you to your vagina for bleeding every month and then possibly extricating a human from your downtown after not bleeding for many months. It's evolution's little consolation prize, but does oral sex feel different during pregnancy? Will it get better? Will it hurt? Will I keep coming back for more?

I'm not talking about the oral sex you perform, although that might feel different, too. The relaxin hormones can cause your jaw to over-relax, and open too wide, causing your jaw to click or get stuck in the open position — much like a snake with a detachable jaw, according to Tanenbaum TMJ center. Also, some women experience an exaggerated gag reflex while they're pregnant, and if just sticking a toothbrush in your mouth makes you gag . . . well. You can see where this is going.

No, pregnant friends, I'm talking about your partner taking a trip to your own downtown. Will being pregnant affect the sensation? Will oral sex feel different during pregnancy?

In a 2000 study published in BJOG, oral sex ranked higher than masturbation during pregnancy for satisfaction and frequency. Women cited comfort level, pleasure, and partner willingness as to the reason for this number.

But it's not all highlanders and roses. What feels really great to you, may not feel so great for other women. You see, the changes in your body that can heighten the pleasure of oral sex can also restrict the pleasure. Namely, the increased blood flow to the region and enhanced lubrication, according to an article in Our Bodies, Ourselves. This blood flow increases the sensitivity in the clitoris, vulva, and vagina, and this can be a real treat for women. But, it can also cause the same area to become overly-sensitive, leading to discomfort during the act of oral sex. Also, the Mayo Clinic noted that the increased lubrication many women experience during pregnancy may be a turn-off for some women. There could be a change in smell to these fluids thanks to a change in the pH of the vagina during pregnancy, making oral sex less than pleasurable for you.

But if you're one of the lucky women who view their downtown as a wonderfully sensitive area during the wonder that is pregnancy, count yourself lucky. It may feel a little different, but it's important to remember that oral sex is safe during pregnancy, as long as your doctor hasn't given you a reason to steer clear from it. And if you'd rather sleep, that's fine, too.