Is It Safe To Have Oral Sex During Pregnancy? 5 Reasons Your Partner Should Go Down On You During Pregnancy

Knowing that sex is safe while pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready to go for it. With all of the pregnancy related symptoms like swelling, back pain, and headaches, the thought of climbing on top of your partner or finding a place to rest your legs during sex may seem like the worst thing ever. If your hormones are raging and you’re looking for a way to get it on without fully getting it on, oral sex may be an option. But is it safe to have oral sex during pregnancy?

For the most part, yes. Receiving oral sex is not a problem while pregnant, as long as your partner doesn’t blow air directly into your vagina. “Oral sex with active blowing of air into the vagina has had complications of air embolism,” Dr. Stephen Weiss, assistant OB-GYN professor at Emory University, tells me. The Mayo Clinic also noted that this act has the potential to block a blood vessel, which can be a life threatening condition for you and your baby.

Giving oral sex is also totally safe, and The Bump notes that it is also safe to swallow semen during pregnancy. In fact, the biggest concern with oral sex while pregnant, aside from having air blown directly into your vagina, is the risk of an STD. “Trusting in monogamy and condom use is important since any transmission of STDs is potentially more harmful during pregnancy,” Weiss says. If your partner has an STD, you’ll want to use protection while giving oral sex, but you may also want to wear a dental dam when receiving. OB-GYN Gina Brown told Baby Center that some STDs can be transmitted through tiny cuts on your genitalia.

But once you’re protected and ready to go, enjoy all of the oral sex you can! There are three great reasons why you should totally be having all of the oral, but your partner probably won’t need much convincing.


It Can Be Easier Than Vaginal Sex

With back pain, swelling, and that giant belly in the way, oral sex can be easier than vaginal sex. Find a position that’s comfortable to you, whether you’re giving or receiving, and enjoy the easier side of sex. (Although, let’s be honest — blowjobs are called “jobs” for a reason.)


It Can Give You A More Intense Orgasm

According to Fit Pregnancy, you may be feeling more sensitive in your nether regions due to increased blood flow, meaning your orgasms are much more intense. If you’re iffy on whether sex is part of your game plan right now, keep that fact in mind and let your partner take you to a new level of pleasure.


It Can Put You In the Mood

If the act of oral sex was simply to get off without getting it on, you might find that now you’re totally in the mood. Always a plus. Enjoy all of those endorphins now that you’re post-O and ramp up the night some more.


It Creates Intimacy For You And Your Partner

With so many changes going on and preparing for a new baby, it can be hard to find a time to really connect with your partner, especially if sex is uncomfortable. Giving and receiving oral sex is a great way to create intimacy for you and your partner without all of the contorting.


It Might Be A While Before Anything Happens Down There

Whether you have a vaginal delivery or a c-section, it’s likely that you’ll have to wait at least six weeks before resuming any sexual activity plus there’s this new thing that happens to parents called utter exhaustion. Basically, it might be a while before anything is heading down south. Enjoy all the oral you can now before there’s a pint-sized dictator watching your every move.