Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Quinn's Feelings For Huck Surface On 'Scandal'

Any dedicated gladiator remembers the time in Scandal history when Huck and Quinn were all over each other. They even had the fan-made couple name of Huckleberry Quinn. And after Thursday's episode full of Quinn angrily trying to figure out what happened to her friend and ex-lover, fans are likely asking: does Quinn love Huck on Scandal? Since they do have a past together and there were some clues Thursday night, it's not totally out of the question to wonder if old feelings may have been stirred.

As much as we all loved Huck and Quinn together back in the day (except for that time he mercilessly tortured her), who hasn't grown a soft spot for Charlie by now? He said it himself when giving Olivia a pep talk that he's come a long way, and even though he was once a trained mercenary, he seems to have been housebroken enough to be a good thing for Quinn in the long run. Unfortunately, it looks like Shonda Rhimes might have other plans for Quinn. And, by extension, Huck as well.

When Huck woke up in the hospital on Thursday night, fans everywhere sighed with relief and Quinn cuddled up next to him, filled with her own kind of relief at seeing her friend and former mentor alive and well. Unfortunately, Charlie was close by to see her with him and anyone who is a fan of primetime dramas knows that the look on Charlie's face meant this probably won't end well for him.

Even before Meg turned out to be the worst girlfriend ever, Quinn was making snide comments about her pixie haircut and clearly feeling resentful toward her. But it wasn't until Episode 9, when they were all faced with the very real possibility of losing Huck, that it seemed like Quinn's true feelings for him started to come through.

When she was torturing Meg (just like Huck taught her, no doubt), Meg made the comment about Huck loving her and not Quinn. And even though they needed Meg alive, that comment alone sent Quinn over the edge enough to slit her throat. If that doesn't mean Quinn loves Huck, then I don't know what will convince viewers.

Even still, throughout the episode, it was easy to place Quinn's anger and worry with the fact that, like Olivia and the rest of the group, Huck is just important to her as a friend and colleague. But it was clear by the end of the hour that Quinn's feelings for Huck run pretty deep. Once upon a time, way back in Season 3, Huck and Quinn could be found having crazy hot sex pretty much anywhere, including the conference room at OPA. So yeah, their connection was once pretty strong.

On Shondaland Revealed, the podcast dedicated to Thursday nights on ABC and run by executive producer Betsy Beers, Guillermo Diaz (Huck) talked about what he hopes to see for Huck and yes, it includes a future with Quinn. "I really wanna see Huck end up with Quinn, I gotta say," he said. And even though Charlie is a favorite, there's no denying the kind of past that Huck and Quinn have on Scandal.

I'm a heavy believer in whatever Charlie and Quinn have going on, but it's becoming almost too obvious that Quinn still loves Huck and that's something that will likely continue to be explored, whether fans want it or not.