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The Truth About Rough Sex & Labor Induction

In the beginning, when your skin is glowing and your feet aren't swollen, pregnancy is amazing. But by the third trimester, you're over it and will do practically anything to get your labor going. When my youngest child was two weeks past due, castor oil and orange juice helped him make his way into the world. You may have also heard other moms-to-be claim that walking, acupuncture, or spicy foods helped kickstart their labor. But if none of that works, you may want to know, does rough sex induce labor?

If you're anywhere near your scheduled due date, you probably don't have the energy or the desire to have gentle sex, let alone rough sex. Nevertheless, if you're anxious to meet your baby or just plain tired of being pregnant, you may be willing to get a little frisky in the bedroom. But before you get ready to do the deed, you should know that rough sex has not been proven to induce labor. In fact, according to WebMD, Pitocin and other medications given in the hospital are the only safe and effective methods of inducing labor.

Although there is no evidence that intercourse itself plays a role in inducing labor, there are some reasons to try getting busy after week 40 if you want to move things along. According to What To Expect, sperm contains hormones that can help to thin and dilate the cervix, and, as a result, lead to contractions and the onset of labor. For this to be effective, it is important that ejaculation takes place inside of your vagina.Additionally, nipple stimulation can result in a release of oxytocin, which can in turn stimulate contractions, as The American Pregnancy Association pointed out.

You may not be able to guarantee the desired results, but sex can be a fun way to take your mind off of your anxiety and discomfort until your baby arrives. If, however, you have not reached 40 weeks and are at risk for delivering prematurely, it's recommended that you speak to your doctor about whether or not you should have any limitations on your sexual activity, as The Bump mentioned.

It's natural to want to get your labor over with as soon as possible. But unless your doctor suggests that you or your baby is at risk by continuing your pregnancy, you may want to let him continue to cook. After all, the anticipation will make his arrival even more special.