Does Talking To Your Baby In The Womb Actually Do Anything? Science Explains

Oftentimes, pregnant moms find themselves talking to their bellies, whether it be a response to the repeated kicks (hey, knock it off), or just to let their babies know how much they love them. Studies have shown that babies are capable of hearing before they are born, but does talking to your baby when they’re in the womb do anything?

According to a study by Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, babies have the ability to recognize and remember sounds they’ve heard in the womb, even after birth, including music, noises, and voices. Because these findings support the notion that babies can learn and remember before they are born, it may be beneficial to talk to your baby or expose them to more sounds while you are pregnant.

Studies have apparently shown that unborn babies can recognize language from hearing speech in the womb before, explained The American Association for the Advancement of Science, but it is still unclear what effect it has long term. So while talking to your baby in utero will familiarize them with speech patterns, inflections, and words, there’s no evidence that it will have a beneficial impact on their language skills as they get older.

Even though there is no evidence that shows talking to your baby in the womb is truly beneficial, the fact that they can hear you and recognize you still means a lot. After hearing and memorizing your voice and your comforting tone in the womb, suggested Baby Center, it may be easier for your baby to bond with you after birth when they hear your voice.

Whether or not it makes a difference in the long term, talking or singing to your baby while she’s still in your belly can be comforting for you and them. It gives you both a chance to bond, and plenty of time to perfect those bedtime story voices.