Does The Smart Pump Increase Milk Supply?

With the news of the soon-to-be-released Willow smart pump taking the internet by storm, breastfeeding moms everywhere are wondering how this little device will make their lives easier. Actual hands-free pumping is an amazing concept, and any mother who has tried to juggle real life demands and use a breast pump knows just how innovative and perfectly timed the Willow smart pump is. Even though the hands-free portion of the device is enough to make moms everywhere unplug their "old school" breast pumps and rush to wherever smart pumps are sold, does using a smart pump increase milk supply or, maybe, fold your laundry for you too?

All joking aside, using the new smart pump could actually be very good for mother's milk supplies, it turns out. Since using a breast pump is one of the best ways to increase your milk supply, according to La Leche League International, it makes sense that the smart pump would follow suit. The science behind increasing your milk supply is simple — the more milk you remove, the more your body will produce. This "supply and demand" relationship is made much easier with the use of a breast pump, whether it's "smart" or not.

However, using the Willow smart pump will likely work wonders on your milk supply, since it will be so much more convenient to use than its predecessors. Imagine being able to pump whenever you want to — while you're doing dishes, sitting at your dest, on the bus, lying in bed. The options are limitless with a pump you can simply tuck into your bra and get on with your merry life. No more cords, no more using your third hand (or elbow, or toes) to hold your phone or child while you pump. The future of pumping is now. What a time to be alive.