Hell Yeah You Can Orgasm After Having A Baby

Everyone expects some changes to their sex life after having a baby, but not many people expect their sex life to get better. Fatigue, spit-up, and childbirth don't usually factor into sexy time, you know? But there's a chance none of that could have a negative impact on your intimacy. So does your orgasm get better after baby or is this out of the realm of possibilities?

If you know one thing in this world is true, it's this — no two people are the same. So while I wish I could give you some blanket statement about how your postpartum orgasms are going to rock your world like you'd never believe, I'm not confident enough to do that. The truth is, your sex life after pregnancy is what you make it and there are plenty of factors that can influence your orgasm in a negative way. According to Fit Pregnancy, the drop in your estrogen can lead to vaginal dryness, the elasticity of your vaginal tissue, and oxytocin can suppress your libido. Not exactly conducive to great orgasms, right? Then there's the whole exhaustion thing, trying to find the time to get it on, and hoping you feel up for sex after nine months of pregnancy.

Although having a baby doesn't sound like it can factor into sex positively, there's some hope. Remember, everyone is different, but there's also a reason to believe that your orgasms get better after having a baby specifically because you had a baby.

Fit Pregnancy noted that childbirth can shift your internal parts, making them more sensitive to stimulation, and that giving birth can awaken your senses, making your genitals more of a pleasure point than ever before.

It sounds insane, but apparently it's not totally out of line to think this happens. According to Women's Health, it's possible that your vagina changes direction after giving birth, making it easier to orgasm in certain positions than before. (Hey, an easier orgasm is definitely a better orgasm, right?) The trauma of birth can also compress some nerves, making you more sensitive to orgasms and have them more frequently than before.

So does your orgasm get better after baby? It can. There's a theory that having a baby can make you closer to your partner, according to Parents, and that closeness could positively impact your sex life. When you fall in love with your SO even more than you thought possible, you may find that you're willing to put extra effort into your sex life and make your orgasms better than ever.

But no two sex lives are the same. There's plenty of ways your orgasms can get better after having a baby, but some of it is on your shoulders. So make your sex life a priority and look for quality of sex over quantity. Your orgasms might just be the best they've ever been.