A new Netflix special combines dragons and music and this is a dream come true.
Courtesy of DreamWorks Animation & Netflix

A Fun New 'Dragons: Rescue Riders' Musical Special Is Coming To Netflix SO Soon

If you're running out of great shows to stream now that summer has arrived, mark your calendars because a new musical special called Dragons: Rescue Riders: Secrets Of The Songwing based on the How To Train Your Dragon animated DreamWorks film series is coming to Netflix later this month. The upcoming 45-minute special combines the magic of dragons with the magic of song and will totally keep your kids glued to their screens, but in a good way.

Dragons: Rescue Riders from DreamWorks has been a popular animated series for kids throughout its two seasons. The series follows twins Dak and Leyla as they work with their dragon friends to rescue anyone who might be in danger while defending their home of Huttsgalor at the same time. The series is a spinoff of the How To Train Your Dragon series, also from DreamWorks, and has already seen one special released in March. In Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt For The Golden Egg, the heroes go on a treasure hunt for a golden dragon egg in an effort to save it from evil pirates.

Now the gang is at it again, but this time there will be music. On July 24, Netflix will release Dragons: Rescue Riders: Secrets Of The Songwing. This adventure will see the Rescue Riders "race to save Aggro after she falls under the spell of Melodia, a Songwing dragon with a melodic call that enchants anyone who hears it," according to Netflix.

The new special will see Melodia attempt to enchant the dragons and the humans with her special songs, and of course kids can sing along too without being in too much danger of falling under her spell.

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Secrets Of The Songwing promises to be one of those shows that keeps kids engaged while entertaining them. Common Sense Media rates the Dragons: Rescue Riders series as being appropriate for kids age 5 and up, noting that it brings the whole How To Train Your Dragon universe to a younger crowd. It looks like this new special is going to be pretty enjoyable for the older crowd as well.

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Secrets Of The Songwing premieres on Netflix on July 24.