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Drake 'Pop Style' Lyrics For Every Moment In Your Life

Let's face it, there's no one quite like Drake. The Canadian rapper and actor, the "6 God," has influenced pop culture, hip hop, and the way we view a man dancing in a colorful and interestingly-dimensioned room by himself in a grey turtleneck sweater forever. No, I'll never forget "Hotline Bling" — and no, I don't want to. And now with the release of his new song "Pop Style," featuring Jay Z and Kanye West, aka "The Throne," it's only right to compile a list of Drake "Pop Style" lyrics for every moment of your life. Because, if you really think about it, a lot of the lyrics in Drake's songs have gems that people can apply and relate to in their everyday lives.

Like, when some people said to themselves after listening to "Headlines" a few years back: "I had someone tell me I fell off, ooh I needed that." Right? No? Not convinced? Well, let's think this through with four lines from his new song a bit. Especially as we so anxiously await the drop of his much anticipated album, Views From The 6, which by the way, Pitchfork reports will be released at the end of April.

“All this for my family man I try my hardest.”

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Trueee. No, but seriously, many people know the struggle of chasing their goals, hopes, and dreams. And even at times when your "hardest" doesn't feel like enough, sometimes it helps to remember your motivation. And for many people, it's family, man.

“You been on my mind lately.”

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C'mon, we've all been there. Whether it's rekindling an old flame, or getting a new flame started, we've all had that moment when we had to put ourselves out there, and let someone know what's up.

"Take the devils out my life..." — Kanye West

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Don't we all want to do that? Whatever the "devils" are in your life, people or things, this lyric is for that moment in your life when you just want a fresh start. Like when you remove the "they"-type Dj Khaled talks about.

"I can not be gotten, that’s a given.” — Jay Z

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Confidence despite the haters. This one's for those moments in your life when you just know you can't be messed with. Okay Drake, time to release Views From The 6 – we want more.