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7 Interesting Things It Could Mean If You've Ever Dreamt That You're Pregnant

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Dreaming that you're pregnant can be alarming if having a baby isn't part of your immediate plans, but bump-centric dreams aren't necessarily what they seem. Whether you’re thinking about becoming pregnant, are pregnant, or are so totally done having kids, pregnancy dreams can pop up at any time in your life — and they don’t always have anything to do with kids.

“Dreams of being pregnant, whether we are or not, are fairly common, especially at different ages,” Elisa Robyn, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist, tells Romper. “Women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s often dream of being pregnant as a way of sorting out their feelings about having a child.”

“As Sigmund Freud, the original psychoanalyst explained, dreams are a reflection of wish-fulfillment so our dreams can represent a deep wish for us,” Shuli Weiner, Psy.D., a clinical psychologist, tells Romper. So oftentimes, those dreams are telling you what you might already know: You want to have a baby. But you might find that the pregnancy dreams you’re experiencing at night have nothing to do with baby bottles and carriages and everything to do with your own subconscious hopes, dreams, aspirations, and fears.

If you’re rocking a bump during your dreams, here’s what those pregnancy dreams might really be trying to tell you.


You're at a crossroads

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“Since pregnancy is both a time of power and a time of feeling vulnerable, you might feel like you’re being pulled in two directions,” says Robyn. “And that could lead you to feeling like you’re at a crossroads in life.” So look at some of the areas in your life where you might feel conflicted. Maybe you’re debating whether to return to the workforce in a traditional sense or remain a remote worker; maybe you’re trying to decide whether to stay in your relationship or not. Your pregnancy dream might be telling you that you need to make a big decision — and soon.


You need to be nurtured

If you’re having pleasant dreams about pregnancy, it might be your mind’s way of telling you that you need to take better care of yourself. “During a wanted pregnancy, women usually feel a need to take care of and nurture themselves as they think about the health of the child,” says Robyn. “The dream can be a message about the need to slow down and pay attention to your health,” says Robyn. So schedule those medical appointments you might have been putting off, and also take time for some soothing self-care.


You're growing a new idea

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“Pregnancy is always seen as a creatively powerful time,” says Robyn. “So these dreams can reflect the fact that we are pregnant with an idea or project.” Think of it as a time of “nesting” while you grow your new design or plan, with the end result of a “birth” of sorts as your project is completed.


You're starting a new relationship

“Pregnancy dreams are common when a relationship is just budding but not quite official yet,” Lauri Loewenberg, a dream expert and author of Dream on It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life, tells Romper. So dreaming about a pregnancy when you’re in a relationship might mean that your subconscious is already planning ahead for the future.


You're trying to get pregnant

When you’re TTC, all it seems is like everyone around you is preggers. “During the night, our dreams are often linked to those parts of our life or our day that are triggered for us,” says Weiner. “Someone who wants to be pregnant and dreams she is satisfies the wish to be pregnant.”


You need an escape

“If someone is feeling stressed with current life, being pregnant could almost represent an escape to a different place,” says Weiner. If you’re finding that you’re tense about certain situations, look for ways that you can find some relief. It might mean taking a break from the kiddos (even if it’s for a few hours) and doing something just for yourself so that you get the time to refuel.


You have anxieties about being pregnant in real life

“People tend to dream about the very things that they are anxious about,” says Weiner. “So having a pregnancy dream during pregnancy could very much signify anxiety about being pregnant.” If the dreams are keeping you up or are worrisome, you can always talk to your partner or a professional to discover what’s really bothering you, and how to overcome these anxious emotions.


Elisa Robyn, Ph.D., licensed psychologist

Shuli Weiner, Psy.D., clinical psychologist

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