'Uni the Unicorn,' 'Duck! Rabbit!,' and 18 other Amy Krouse Rosenthal books for your kid's bookshelf...
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'Duck! Rabbit!' & 19 Other Amy Krouse Rosenthal Books For Your Bookshelves

Guys, I believe it is high time for a list of Amy Krouse Rosenthal books so you can adequately fill your kid's bookshelves. If you follow Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, you’ve probably seen the sweet video of Markle reading her son Archie Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal on his birthday this year. Prince Harry filmed Meghan reading Archie this story to benefit Save The Children: United Kingdom, per a BCK article, and honestly, they couldn't have picked a better story.

When I say Rosenthal is one of the most versatile writers I’ve come across, that’s not an exaggeration. Not only did she publish more than 30 children’s books, but she also created journals for pregnant mamas, a journal for children who are about to become a sibling, and even a journal for grandparents. She was also a short film maker, radio host, and adult novelist. Tragically, she also penned an essay in the New York Times column “Modern Love” back in 2017 titled, “You May Want to Marry My Husband,” which was basically a tribute to her spouse in the form of a dating profile for him to find another wife after Rosenthal died. She passed away 10 days after the essay was published from ovarian cancer.

Rosenthal was a phenomenal and prolific writer, and if you’d like to honor her memory and maybe read something that you’d find on Archie’s bookshelf, you have to check out this list.

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'Uni the Unicorn'

I think Rosenthal is the master of turning norms upside down and telling a well-known story or predicament from a different point of view. Uni the Unicorn is about a unicorn who is told little girls aren't real, but she believes in them. And in a beautiful and special turn of events, there's a little girl that believes in unicorns, too, creating a magical friendship.


'Dear Girl, A Celebration of Wonderful, Smart, Beautiful You!'

Dear Girl, A Celebration of Wonderful, Smart, Beautiful You! is a book every girl needs on her bookshelf. It's a fun and charming reminder that your girl is "powerful, strong, and holds a valuable place in the world," per the description.


'Little Pea'

Is your kid a picky eater? You have to check out Little Pea. Rosenthal is known for twisting parenting and kids predicaments, and in Little Pea, the tiny vegetable hates eating sweets, but if he doesn't eat them all, he can't have any vegetables. What's he going to do?


'Exclamation Mark'

"An emphatic but misplaced exclamation point learns that being different can be very exciting! Period," notes the description. I mean, what more do you need?



Spoon is an adorable little book celebrating uniqueness and what makes us special. When Spoon feels like Fork, Knife, and Chopsticks "have it better than him," he gets down. But he needs a reminder.


'I Wish You More'

The worst part of finding a genie in a lamp is that you only get three wishes. But I Wish You More shows endless good wishes, such as "curiosity, wonder, strength, laugher, and peace," according to the description. You'll be uplifted with this heartfelt book with every turn of the page.


'Little Hoot'

Little Hoot is the perfect book for kids who have trouble going to bed. In Rosenthal fashion, there's a twist about bedtime. The little owl really wants to go to bed at a reasonable hour, but his parents say that owls don't do that. So he angrily stays up and does all kinds of activities and plays. The twist will have the kids laughing and perhaps even eventually siding with the little owl when it comes to bedtime. I hope?



A book about friendship and independence, Chopsticks wittily tells the story about how a pair of chopsticks "come to a fork in the road" and then become separated. How will they function?


'Plant a Kiss'

Plant a Kiss shows how small acts of kindness can make a huge impact. It all started when "Little Miss planted a kiss..."


'The OK Book'

This clever little book shows that OK turned sideways is like a little person. I bet you'll never look at that word the same way again. In The OK Book, it "encourages kids to discover their own individual strengths and personalities," according to the description.


Yes Day!

I sure would love to experience a day of "yes," wouldn't you? In Yes Day! there's one day a year where kids can ask anything and everything, and the answer will be yes. It "captures the excitement of being a kid," per the description.


'Little Oink'

Another twist! Little Oink isn't your typical pig. He loves to stay clean and tidy. But his parents feel like that's not quite pig-like, so Little Oink humorously touches on the issues of cleaning up.



Friendshape talks about the "beauty of a good buddy" and "the simple beauties of friendship," per the Barnes & Noble description. They truly "shape" who we are.


'That's Me Loving You'

That's Me Loving You is a super sweet book about how no matter what, signs showing your child that you love them will always be present. Whether it's "the feeling in your heart," "a soft breeze," or "a shimmering star," your child will always feel loved.


'Bedtime for Mommy'

A book titled Bedtime for Mommy? I can get behind that. In yet another twist, this book shows a reversal in the bedtime tropes that most parents go through with their children, and a little girl has to put Mommy, then Daddy, to bed. Will the little girl realize how tough it is? One can hope.


'Don't Blink!'

Speaking of bedtime, this book is genius, y'all. Genius. Don't Blink is the perfect bedtime book, because if you can avoid getting through the book, then you don't have to turn the page. But there's a catch. You have to turn to the next page every time you blink. So not only is it fun and kids obviously want to rise to the challenge, but I feel like trying not to blink would certainly make someone tired, right?


'It's Not Fair!'

Life sure isn't fair sometimes, and Rosenthal humorously reminds us all in It's Not Fair! that's just the way it goes.


'Holy Cow, I Sure Do Love You!'

This "oddly moo-ving book" is a story told by a spotted cow who tells the reader all of the ways they're loved. Holy Cow, I Sure Do Love You is a great gift book, whether it's for a child, grandparent, or another adult.


'On the Spot: Countless Funny Stories'

This is the ultimate mad libs book, y'all. On the Spot: Countless Funny Stories is not only a rhyming picture book, but Rosenthal purposefully left parts of the story blank for your kid to decide via reusable stickers how the story will go.


'Duck! Rabbit!'

It's a duck! No, no. It's a rabbit! Depending on how you look at it, the character in Duck! Rabbit! can be either a duck or a rabbit, and this classic picture book will have you and your kids reading and laughing again and again. So which is it?