Easter Eggs In Taylor Swift's '...Ready For It' Video That You Totally May Have Missed

As of Monday, rabid fans of Taylor Swift had only been able to get their hands on about 15 seconds of the video for her new song "...Ready For It," but it was enough to keep them panting for more. And, naturally, watching for any of that famous Swift subtext to deconstruct and ponder over obsessively. As the second music video on the album finally dropped on Thursday, fans weren't just looking to be entertained, they were looking for Easter eggs in Swift's "...Ready For It" video. And they found them a-plenty.

Swift fans should be well-versed in the myriad of Easter eggs the "Bad Blood" singer tends to drop in both her lyrics and her music videos. The first song from her hotly anticipated album Reputation (due to drop on Nov. 10), "Look What You Made Me Do," had several obvious nods throughout. Fans noted what they believed were references to her relationship with Calvin Harris, feuds with Kanye West, Katy Perry, and Kim Kardashian, to name just a few. And it's not as though Swift hasn't been known to dip into the pool that is her real life for song inspirations, ("Dear John" sound familiar, John Mayer?). Just a glance at some of the lyrics from "...Ready For It" were enough to set tongues wagging.

And once people saw the video... they had some feelings. "...Ready For It" was created by Swift and her frequent video collaborator, Joseph Khan. The video was reportedly inspired by dark, futuristic, sci-fi flicks like Blade Runner 2049 and Ghost In The Shell. And fans took note of several huge Easter eggs amid all the dark imagery and Swift sneering at the camera from underneath her hooded cape.

White Horse

Swift sat atop a white horse in the "...Ready For It" video, which fans took as a reference to her 2008 song "White Horse" from her Fearless album.

Year Of The Snake

Back in August, Swift caused a huge stir on social media when she wiped her accounts clean. Then came the slow release of videos. The tail, body, then mouth of a snake. Fans and critics of Swift know there's a bit of a back story to the snake imagery; a few years ago #TaylorSwiftIsAsnake was making the rounds on Twitter because of a few reported feuds she was having with fellow celebrities. Swift has fully embraced the snake; clever fans noted that one of the walls in her video had the Year of the Snake written in Chinese on one wall.

Writing On The Wall

Fans who looked closely at the walls in "...Ready For It" noted a few secret messages written on the wall.

  • All eyes on us
  • Ur gorgeous
  • This is enough
  • I love you in secret

While no one knows exactly why the messages are there, some (like me) are wondering if they are written for her boyfriend, British actor Joe Alwyn? After all, there was a little more writing on the wall; both Swift and Alwyn's birthdays.

Breaking Free From The Media

Swift, dressed as a cyborg (read from that what you will) is trapped inside a glass box in the video, when another version of herself broke her out. Some fans are wondering if this is how Swift sees herself in the media, always trapped inside a box, with a different version of herself trying to help her break free.

Calvin Harris

Swift collaborated with ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris on the 2016 song "This Is What You Came For," and one of the most memorable lines in the song is, "lightning strikes every time she moves." In "...Ready For It" we see a little lightning.

While the video for "...Ready For It" was unique and engaging and entertaining, let's face it; the real fun happens when everyone tries to figure out all the Easter eggs after the fact.

And then watching it again... and again...