a white easter tree

Easter Trees Are A Thing & You Probably Need One Immediately

One of the joys of holidays is decorating for them. So it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that Easter trees are a thing, and they are as amazing as they sound. All you need is some kind of a tree, egg ornaments, and a little imagination to make one of your own.

In the U.S., the Easter tree tradition isn't quite as well-known as, say, the Christmas tree tradition, but Germans have been decorating with them for centuries now, a tradition known as Ostereierbaum. Tami Kelly, a representative for Treetopia, tells Romper that Ostereierbaum is "the custom of decorating still bare tree branches with painted eggs to usher in spring." It's a slightly "mysterious" tradition, according to Martha Stewart, as no one seems to know how it got started in the first place... but we do know where it's ended up, which is with a significant increase in pink Christmas tree sales around Easter, says Kelly.

That's right, Christmas trees. Originally, Easter trees were created using foraged branches, and today, many Easter trees are still of the bare branch variety — but pink or other pastel-colored artificial Christmas trees are an increasingly popular choice, too (just as they are around Valentine's Day).

Even just a plain white tree works...

Though a pink tree is, admittedly, extra whimsical... especially if you make it an alien-themed Easter tree, like this one...

Crafty Lumberjacks

You might be more familiar with this type of Ostereierbaum:

Whether you go traditional or modern, once you've picked out the tree you want to decorate, you can focus on your eggs. If you want to keep with German tradition, you can hand paint designs on eggs, or opt to just hang some fun plastic ones (like these metallic jewel-tone eggs from Walmart). You can always add different Easter ornaments, too, like cute bunnies...

Or, you know, aliens (?). Hopefully, more and more people will jump on this Easter tree train, because it's a lot of fun (not to mention, a great excuse to get a pink tree). However you decide to decorate your tree, do it in a way that you can enjoy not only the final result, but the decorating process as well.