a pink valentine's day tree at walmart

Valentine's Day Trees Are The Trend You Didn't Know You Needed

Can't bear to part with your Christmas tree? Perish the thought and join a booming trend of cupids transforming their evergreens into festive displays of love. That's right, we're talking about Valentine's Day trees, a super-sized, saccharine style move powered by Instagrammers hellbent on spreading the love.

Indeed, Instagram is filled with examples of these grand-scale DIY projects: trees — both real and fake — decorated in pink and red, vintage cards, balloons, kisses, arrows, and more. So it's a little over the top, sure. But when was love ever a chill experience?

These larger-than-life demonstrations, which now account for 2,600 pictures under the Instagram hashtag #valentinestree, are anything but the lazy person's solution to the post-holiday tinsel problem. We're talking about elaborately planned and executed affairs that could easily sit in a storefront window, never mind someone's living room.

Yes, some go too far with the stuffed animals and faux roses (anyone else having flashbacks to the Valentine’s formal dance?), but for the most part, St. Valentine has inspired a rather tasteful way to recycle a tree that typically only gets four-plus weeks in the spotlight each year. Plus, this trend is sweet as a box of Candy Hearts, so for that we say we’re here for it.

Want to make your own? Simply strip off your holiday ornaments and swap in anything and everything that's amore. Pro tips: Many craft stores offer discounts this time of year to make way for the next season's items, so you might be able to repurpose some decorative items on a budget. If you really want to go for broke on the pink look, Walmart sells 6 foot and 7.5 foot tall artificial pink trees for $80-$122.

And don't forget a tree topper. One of our favorites is a 'grammer who topped hers with a giant red paper flower, the ultimate homage to the holiday's omnipresent roses. Or you could go the candy route, like this lollipop-topped tree below.

"L" is for the way you look at me...

Love the little monkeys climbing this repurposed Christmas tree.

Whether you take advantage of this trend as a way to repurpose your Christmas tree or you're up for investing in a 6-foot-tall tree in flamingo pink, don't forget to document your decorations on social media. (That's half the point, right?)