This Mom Perfectly Explains The "Saga" Of Buying Valentines For Her Kid's Class

Do you know what's romantic about Valentine's Day when you have kids? Yeah, me either. In my experience as a mom, Valentine's Day is usually just another day when I've done everything wrong or just too late. The kids are writing their Valentines over their cereal while I try to bake cupcakes I apparently promised for all of their classes during some schoolyard fever dream. Do you know who understands my ambivalence towards Valentine's Day? A mom named Eliza Morrill. Really, this mom's post about buying Valentines for her kids' class last minute is the heartbreaking saga of the season, trust me.

It seems that this particular mom had some excellent, pre-Valentine's Day intentions, much like so many of us who have this picture in our head of what we think things will look like before we actually have to do them. Of course, it doesn't help that the internet is chock full of gorgeous suggestions to celebrate any old holiday that look simple and effortless and just like the sort of thing that would make us feel like good parents.

As Morrill wrote in a post shared on the Facebook page Momstrosity, she was thinking, "This year, I'm going to knock it out of the park for my kid's class. Individualized Valentines for everyone! Tulips in a vase for their teachers! It will be clever, adorable, and healthy. I'll be the envy of Preschool and Pinterest alike. This is my year!"

Spoiler alert: it was not.

Now before we continue, please everyone take note that Morrill is a mom of four children and as a fellow mom of four I feel like we all get a free pass for things like Valentine's Day. But, unfortunately, I don't have a say in the matter.

The holiday keeps on coming, and Morrill tried her level best to meet the challenge... the night before Valentine's Day.

As she explained in her post, "It's the night before Valentine's Day. What do I have to show for it? Literally nothing. I jet to the dollar store, where I buy some hodge-podge, mismatched Valentines to distribute in the morning. What is this cartoon character? I have literally no idea. Oh! I get it! It's a... Star Wars spoof? Maybe? How did they license these!?"

She settles on some Grumpy Cat Valentines (because why not?), heads home and settles in to fill out four sets of Valentines. One problem: she can't remember how many kids are in the class, or their names.

Morrill then sets about Facebook stalking some parents. but then discovers her pen is out of ink. Finishes in marker, then realizes she forgot the teachers. She considers flowers but stores are closed, alcohol but isn't sure that's appropriate, until finally settling on chocolate and a card. Done. And presumably exhausted.

"I pile it all in a bag and hang it on the handle of the kitchen door, or else I am *POSITIVE* that I’ll leave without it in the morning," she wrote in the post.

Other moms connected with this tale of the last-minute Valentines, sharing their own stories on the Momstrosity Facebook page.

"This speaks to me. I was told just yesterday I need to bring valentines for my daughters daycare class. Of infants. They are 5 months old and younger. And so it begins...," one mom commented.

Another said, "Wait teachers get valentines gifts too! oops. We need a book with the unwritten expectations of motherhood with a chapter on the things we forget to do for our kids at school."

One more said, "I literally just panicked that Tomorrow was Valentine’s Day and I have nothing. Thankfully, there is one day left to run around like a chicken!"

There is a happy ending here, as Morrill explained to Romper: "We made it out the door with ALL Valentines in-tow. Moms, remember that you can't do it all -- and late-night trips to the dollar store are part of the gig, sometimes!"

Ah Valentine's Day. How romantic.