Veterans, Refugees, Sick Kids, & Other People To Send Valentines To This Year

Valentine's Day is swiftly approaching, and with all of the love and good feelings that abound, it makes sense that you'd want to cultivate some of those vibes into doing something for others. Short of gifting every kid in your child's class an extra Peppa Pig card, there are plenty of places to send Valentine's Day cards to brighten someone else's day.

The range of causes represented by these charities is vast, from sending cards to military members, to children with cancer, to refugees across the globe. For these charities, cards and handwritten notes are a labor of love. They represent something essential to the human experience — connection. While a valentine might seem like it's something unimportant, or even a bit flippant, it's not. It's a moment in time that tells a person someone is thinking about them. Someone cares enough to make the effort.

To someone who is feeling alone and isolated, that could mean a lot, and it could have a profound impact on their day. Having your children help make or design the cards teaches them that there is value inherent in letting others know that they are important, and that someone cares.

Cards For Hospitalized Kids

Cards for Hospitalized Kids allows people to send cards from anywhere on earth to the children at the Ronald McDonald houses.

There are specific rules regarding paint and glitter if you're making your own cards, so be sure to check out their FAQ page before starting your project.

Valentines For Veterans

Every year, Soldiers' Angels collects Valentines for service members and veterans to distribute to these brave people to places far and wide. Because of the cost of shipping, they do ask that for every Valentine that you send, you also send $1 to cover the cost of distribution and shipping.

We've been a nation at war my entire adult life, and for the whole life of my children. We tend to become inured to the ways of it. These valentines remind us of the human effort of the war, and also remind the soldiers that we care.

Donate Life

Donate Life Pennsylvania has come up with a pretty unique Valentine donation — organ and tissue donation. They have designed valentines on their site that you can print out or share via social media that encourage others to register for organ donation. One card is in the shape of an anatomical heart and reads, "I love you with all of my heart," followed up the Pennsylvania Donate Life icon. It's both macabre and amazing.


Through Jesuit Refugee Service/USA and Any Refugee, you can send postcards to refugees across the world. They have a tip sheet about how and what you should do when making the postcards, as well as where to send them.

Send A Smile

Devoted blog Send A Smile 4 Kids encourages children to make and send cards through them to hospitalized children across the country. As the others, they have a long list of guidelines, so check them out before sending.

Send Directly To Hospitals

Most children's hospitals have a system set up for sending cards to the children at the hospital, but you should know it's best to leave the insides blank or with only a "thinking of you" note so that nurses can write the messages to the kids.

You Can Help Others

Have your kids use the money they would normally spend on Valentine's Day candy or cards and have them hand design cards featuring koalas and kangaroos, and send the money to the New South Wales Fire Department to help them fight the deadly fires in Australia.