An Easy BB-8 Costume For Kids That Is Truly A-Droid-Able

Star Wars is more than just an epic saga — it's a beloved series that guarantees wild adventures for your little one and your wallet. Look, I love Star Wars as much as the next Jedi in training, but the merchandise can be expensive and of course, your kids want it all. This Halloween, BB-8, the cutest droid ever (Sorry R2-D2), is a hot costume. But you don't need to spend too much money on one — you can get creative with an easy BB-8 costume for kids that will make them look great and feel like they actually can deliver a map to the Resistance headquarters.

If you're thinking about the logistics of creating a round BB-8 costume, I feel you. I came up with a lot of crafty ideas to create the perfect costume. But I don't have time for papier-mâché. Also, what the h*ll are you supposed to do with a giant BB-8 costume made out of papier-mâché? How will it fit through the hall? The door? Will it rot in a corner of your kid's bedroom? Will it be destroyed in two seconds?

Save the costume drama. You're going for easy here, not authentic. Your kid will still look awesome, but your fingers won't be covered in dry glue and you won't have to hunt down newspapers. (I hear there's some in the museums.)

You just need a few items to create an easy BB-8 costume for your kid and you'll be mom of the year. Get ready to trick or treat with the cutest droid ever.


For The Body

OK, so the dilemma here is that BB-8 is round. But you can make this work. You'll need to pick up some large craft foam boards ($6) and cut two identical large circles. Depending on the size of your kid, you may need to make half circles out of the foam and piece two together. This is going to make the "sphere" of BB-8.



To wear the foam pieces as BB-8, you'll need something to attach it to your kiddo's body. Grab some of the 3/4 inch elastic ($1) and cut two strips. Make sure they are long enough to attach to each foam board and still sit across your child's shoulders. You're going to make it look like one of those advertising boards people wear over their shoulders. Attach the pieces of elastic to the foam with a couple of staples.


White Felt

Since the two foam pieces don't exactly make a sphere, you'll need some white felt ($7) to fill in the gaps under the arms. Just cut pieces that fit the shape you'll need since the foam is round and give it a curved edge at the top. Use glue to adhere the felt to the foam pieces.


Craft Paint

Get online and start printing out the designs of BB-8's body. You can cut the pieces to use as a stencil on the foam or you can freehand, but you'll need some craft paint ($10) to make it look nice and polished.


White Shirt & Pants

So your kiddo's not stark naked under that BB-8 costume, put them in a long sleeve white shirt ($6) and some white pants ($7) to help the look.


For The "Head"

For the top of BB-8, you're going to make a little helmet for your kiddo using a plastic white mixing bowl ($5). Use your craft paint to draw the same designs BB-8 has on the bowl and cut some more elastic to use as a chin strap so the bowl will stay on your child's head. For the lens, grab some foam balls ($4) and cut in half. Use your paint to paint them and glue them to the mixing bowl and don't forget some pipe cleaners ($3) for the antennae.