An Easy Kid's Rey Costume So The Force Doesn't Empty Your Wallet

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens is still buzzing all over the world, especially this Halloween as everyone is scrambling to dress like their favorite character. Little kids are especially pumped and I'm sure there will be ton of tiny Reys wandering the neighborhood with their orange pumpkin buckets. But store-bought costumes aren't cheap, so finding an easy kid's Rey costume for your little Jedi should be at the top of your Halloween priority list.

Don't worry. You don't need any superb crafting skills or a sewing machine to whip this costume together. Rey has a pretty easy outfit to copy, but it's also important to remember that your kid's not trying to win a cosplay contest. They just want to dress like the amazing Rey and feel like they are part of the Star Wars cast on Halloween night. So with a little tricks and tips, you can turn them into the Jedi of their dreams.

Bonus: Pretty much everything you need can be reused in some way, even as regular clothing for your kids. So you're not wasting a ton of money creating a costume they'll only wear for one night. And one more cool thing? This costume is so easy to put together, it will inspire the entire family to turn into the franchise's cast so you can all trick or treat as the Rebel Alliance. (And some villains. Villains are always fun.) May the force be with you.


For The Pants

Rey's pants are pretty simple — they are cropped, beige, and easy to move in. The best part is you can totally reuse any pants you have for this costume. Pick up a pair of khaki capri pants ($13) and you've already got one major component of the costume.


For The Top

Rey's top is pretty simple and can be put together with a beige v-neck t-shirt ($10). Just grab a size larger than usual so it hangs a little bit and you're good to go.


For The Wrap

I'm not entirely sure what to call Rey's wrap thing, so I'm just going to call it her wrap thing. But it's really easy to put together. Pick up a sheer beige curtain panel ($5) and cut the panel in half. Drape it across your kiddo's shoulders so that it crosses in the front and back and hangs on both sides.


For The Belt

It looks like Rey has two belts on, but you can get the same look with a women's brown belt ($10). Just wrap it once around your kid's waist, keeping it a little snug so it will keep the curtain on, and then secure it as you loop it again, a little more loosely so it hangs. You might need to use a clothes pin or some other attachment to keep the belt tight against the curtain, it just depends on your child's size.


For The Arm Wraps

Cheap way to make Rey's arm wraps? Grab a roll of cotton gauze ($2) and boil a pot of water. Throw a couple of tea bags in the water to brew and then dip the strips of gauze so they turn into a nice beige color. Then wrap them up your child's arms. If the look is too sheer, just double up on the amount of gauze you use.


For The Arm Cuffs

Leather cuffs are expensive, but you can get the same look as Rey's cuff with a roll of craft leather cord ($2). Just cut a long strip and wrap it a couple of times around your child's wrist to give the illusion of a thick cuff.


For The Boots

While Rey's boots are less mainstream and more survival, you can still get the look with a pair of brown boots ($30) that your child can wear again. Hey, investment pieces, right?


For The Staff


Rey's staff is being sold pretty much everywhere, but you can make it at home on your own. It depends on your child's size, but all you really need is a wooden dowel ($4), brown spray paint ($4), and some more of that gauze ($2) you used for the arm wraps. Make sure the dowel is sanded well so there's no splinters and then wrap random layers of gauze along it to give it the texture and edges it needs. Rey's staff has some bumps at the top and bottom of her dowel as well as towards the middle. After you've wrapped it, spray paint the entire thing brown and once it's dry, add more white gauze to the center, where Rey holds it. Bam. Homemade staff. (Although I'd hide it after Halloween. That seems like an excellent 'hit my sibling' weapon.)


For The Hair

And, of course, you'll need to DIY some great Rey hair. It's not too difficult, especially if you follow the Rey's Triple Buns tutorial from Sarah Rocksdale on YouTube.