An Easy, Last-Minute Negan Halloween Costume For Your Kid

So your kid wants to be something really creepy for Halloween, right? But Halloween is coming up fast and every store is already sold out of all the witches, ghosts, and creepy skeleton costumes. Hey, you've got to live up to your kid's creepy expectations without breaking the budget, right? That's exactly why an easy, last-minute Negan Halloween costume for your kid is the perfect solution.

I mean, your kid probably acts like a little psycho, right? So why not dress them up like Negan? Despite only being in one episode of The Walking Dead (so far), Negan has certainly kept everyone on their toes and sent chills down their spine. I mean, I don't condone violence or anything, but a kid as Negan? That's a whole new level of Halloween creepiness. Especially if someone swipes some candy out of your kid's bucket and they can mutter, "You are so going to regret crossing me."

Luckily, it doesn't take much to transform into the character. Of course, he comes with a couple of trademarks (Oh, hi, Lucille), but you can probably pick a few things out of your child's closet to make the actual costume. And if you do have to pick anything up to complete the look, at least you'll know that you can re-use the items again. (Except for maybe Lucille. That could probably end some fights over LEGOs in a horrific way.)


Red Bandanna

Large Red Bandanna, $3, Costume Castle

It's one of his trademarks — Negan's red bandanna around his neck. (It also makes it super easy to let your kid slip on whatever shirt they want underneath because the red bandanna takes such precedence in the outfit.) All you need is a large red bandanna to fold around your kid's neck and you're good to go.



Straight Fit Dark Wash Jeans, $13, Target

I'm not going to lie — Negan can rock a pair of pants. Any pair will do, but a straight fit dark wash pair of jeans is perfect for the costume.


Leather Jacket

Moto Style Jacket, $20, Target

Hey, major bonus to dressing as Negan? Other than officially having the creepiest kid ever, you can re-use pretty much everything. Which is why his trademark leather jacket is not only a must for the costume, but a great addition to your child's closet. You'll need a moto style jacket and Target, as always, has a great one for an awesome price.


Black Gloves

Black Gloves, $5, Party City

Another accessory for Negan? His black gloves. Any pair will do, but a solid black pair that stop at the wrist works well for this costume.



Combat Style Boots, $30, Zappos

Pretty much everybody in The Walking Dead is rocking a great pair of boots and Negan is no different. Pick up some combat-style boots for your kid and they'll be ready for anything.


Brown Belt

Don't forget a children's brown belt to complete Negan's actual outfit. Another piece you can use again, as long as it's not covered in the blood of Negan's victim I guess.



Foam Barbed Wire Bat, $17, Spirit Halloween

Obviously, there is no Negan without Lucille. While there are plenty of intense replicas out there, for a kid, all you need is a foam barbed wire bat ($17) to complete the most psychotic of costumes. (And remember, Lucille is all for show.)