This Elf On The Shelf Advent Train Has 24 Days Of Treats & Mini Elf Accessories

The Elf on the Shelf shenanigans get a little crazier each year. Whether your elf is the mischievous type who toilet papers the bathroom overnight or the sweet kind who leaves treats around the house, your kiddos will love this: an Elf on the Shelf North Pole advent train. Not only does it help count down the days until Christmas, but each day comes with an adorable surprise to accessorize your elf.

If you've never heard of The Elf on the Shelf, it's a super cute Christmas tradition that kids of all ages can enjoy. One of Santa's scouting elves comes to your house to watch for naughty and nice children, reporting back to the North Pole each night. When the kids wake up, they love to run around the house and see where their elf is watching from each morning. Many parents have taken it up a notch (or 10 notches) by having their elves play pranks overnight, too, like taking a bubble bath in marshmallows.

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This year, your elf can ride on his very own North Pole train. Each train car has a miniature toy surprise inside, including mini figures, accessories for your elf, and more. It's the perfect interactive advent calendar for those who already love their traditions with The Elf on the Shelf.

The cardboard train comes with four train cars, each with a unique theme: Sweet Shop, Puppy Love, Snow Much Fun, and ‘Tis the Season. Somewhere in the train cars, you'll find four Scout Elf or Elf Pets mini figures, miniature cookies, a baking sheet, mini hats, a cookie booth, stickers, pop-outs, a sled, and a scarf. And for your mini pets? During the 24 days of surprises, your kids will receive a mini pet blanket, bone, food, water bowl, mini cabin, mini tree, stocking, and your pet's very own train toy.

Also, if your little ones love Christmas and just can't wait, check out the interactive The Elf on the Shelf website, Kids can explore the North Pole in 3D, play tons of games, try online crafts, and find name generators to help pick the perfect moniker for their elf and the elf's pet.

Parents, check out The Elf on the Shelf website if you need more ideas for your elf this year. They also have stuffed animal Elf Pets and fun costumes (aka the Claus Couture Collection) if your elf needs a little makeover before their December debut.