These Super Cute New Backpacks Celebrate Diversity & Highlight 'Black Brilliance'

Choosing a backpack for the school year is kind of a big deal. Whether it's a favorite character or color, what's on a kid's backpack says a lot about who they are. That's what makes the backpacks from EPIC EVERYDAY so important: The adorable collection represents and celebrates children of every skin tone, just like the rest of the company's accessories and clothing.

EPIC EVERYDAY (an acronym for Empowered, Positive, Innovative, and Creative), was created by sisters Cara Graves and Jenae Johnson-Carr, who were searching for symbols of positive Black characters to inspire their children — and kiddos everywhere.

"We were fed up with seeing the same princess and a handful of melanated images," the founders wrote on their website.

"Not to mention our brown boys were even more limited in positive images in daily life. We were disheartened that we couldn't find apparel, accessories, and home goods that highlighted black brilliance."

In response to this "extreme lack of diversity," the sisters designed the Happy Hues collection. Including everything from backpacks and t-shirts to blankets and hooded towels, the products feature super cute characters in wide array of skin shades and hair colors and textures... just in time for back-to-school season.

Back to those backpacks, the durable "Classic Backpack" is made from high-grade waterproof nylon with a middle compartment that can hold most 15” laptops, and an inner zip pocket as well as a front extended one for things like pencils and pads. And thanks to the padded back panel and adjustable contoured shoulder straps, you won't have to worry about straps digging into your kid's shoulders, .

But it’s really the cute characters that are the epicenter of EPIC EVERYDAY. In addition to being able to choose various bright backpack background colors (think orange, yellow, hot pink, and blue), kids can pick the character who most looks like them, whether it’s a child wearing glasses, or a girl sporting beads, an Afro, or curly hair, or a boy who has a hightop, curly locks, or coils. And if your kid can’t decide which hairstyle suits them, they can always opt for the All Boys or All Girls pick, an inclusive option which features boys or girls with varying skin tones and hairstyles.

And when it’s time for lunch, your child’s PB&J can be just as stylish as their schoolbooks. There are two varieties — the Top Zip Lunch Bag ($28.99), and the bigger Lunchbag, both of which have an inner aluminum lining coating to keep food fresh and cold all day. The Lunchbag is lightweight, and comes with a handle for easy carrying. It’s also waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about your child’s sandwich getting soggy. And it’s a fairly decent size, so it can easily hold your child’s food, drink, and dessert without forcing you to have to flatten the sammie to fit it all in.

Even if you’re already out of school, parents can get to show their support for their young scholar by wearing some of the adult gear made by EPIC EVERYDAY. The Yellow Chest Bag All Characters, for example, features both boys and girls, and is made from premium waterproof nylon. It has (woot) five zipped compartments for carrying all of your stuff, along with three hidden pockets. The padded back panel will offer cushy comfort to your backside, and the adjustable shoulder strap means you won’t have to worry about the chest bag slipping while you’re rushing to get your kid to school on time.

EPIC EVERYDAY celebrates diversity and inclusion while your child is studying at school. So no matter what your school year is going to look like, your child can feel empowered, represented — and yes, absolutely epic, too.