These Are The Biggest Halloween Trends This Year, According To Etsy

If you’re an avid viewer of the show The Office, you may recall when Michael wanted to create a “classy Christmas” for his love interest, Holly, when she returned to the Scranton branch. So he donned a fancy red cap (no Santa hats here) and a silky red robe, and hired a cellist. Classy, right? I think there was even an ice sculpture involved. And that’s basically what Etsy is doing for Halloween this year. Etsy’s 2018 Halloween Trends are too classy and chic, and they’ll make you want to celebrate Halloween all year round.

According to an Etsy press release, modern and industrial is replacing “rustic farmhouse,” modern skulls are replacing the old scary gross skulls, true crime is making an appearance, and feminism is replacing “sexy cops.” Can I get an amen for that? If you want to stay on trend this year with your Halloween decor, check out Etsy for your Halloween needs and get your gear before it’s sold out. Because according to these numbers, it looks like everyone can’t get enough of these chic decorations.

“Industrial is the new rustic,” according to the Etsy website, and they’ll be sticking to industrial-inspired apparel with “concrete metals, cool neutrals, and clean lines.” They’re also focusing on sustainability, and many of these Halloween decor items can be reused year after year. “Goodbye mason jars,” the press release says.

And nothing says scary and creepy like true crime. No cutesy Halloween decor here either. Throw a crime scene-inspired Halloween party, complete with blood splatter decor and thumbprint decor. Etsy reported that searches related to true crime have increased 148 percent this year. (Hopefully that’s just for the decor and nobody is looking for any ideas, if you know what I mean.) The old-fashioned Halloween skulls are getting a “face-lift” according to Etsy, and “geometric skulls” seem to be at the top of everyone’s wish list, with searches increasing by 36 percent this year.

While for some people, tarot cards, palmistry, and other witchy things are a part of their daily routine, “Etsy has seen over 250,000 searches related to tarot cards,” according to the website. If you're going for more of a mysticism look instead of a scary look for your Halloween decor this year, these mystic items will be perfect for your home. They would also look pretty cool year round in my opinion.

No misogynistic Halloween costumes for women here either. According to the press release, "If you’re of sick being the sexy version of [insert-animal-or-occupation-here], we’re here to tell you that hyper-sexualized costumes are out, and showcasing our eternal fierceness and glory is in." Hallelujah. With bandanas for Rose the Riveter, Wonder Woman gear, and even a gavel, Etsy's got your feminist Halloween costume dreams covered.

I always purchase special gifts and decorate my home with stuff from Etsy, and I think I just might start using them to decorate my house for Halloween, too. Checkout these highlights from Etsy's fancy Halloween collection, with everything from seasonal decor to costumes. Pretty sure I may have to snag a couple of these myself.

Rosie the Riveter Patch

Add this patch to a denim button-up with your red bandana, and there will be no question you're the bad*ss Rosie the Riveter.

Geometric Skulls

These too-cool-for-school skull votives are as creepy looking as they are artistic. I won't lie, I'd use these all year round in my house, not just for Halloween.

Palmistry Print

And another piece I'd leave up all year round. How delightfully spooky — yet quite chic — is this piece of art? Palmistry and the like fascinates me, and not just on Halloween. If you're the same way, this would look great in a home office or living room.

True Crime Blood Splatter Art

If you're looking for a more realistic creepy Halloween approach, these blood spattered prints are just the thing to fulfill all your true crime-loving needs.

With more than 123,000 search results for Halloween decor and more than 172,000 results for Halloween costumes on the website, it looks like Etsy is everyone’s Halloween decor and costume decoration this year. Join in on the fun and check out their listings before it's too late.