Etsy Says 2019 Is The Year Of Bold "Maximalist" Designs In Your Home

When you're looking to spruce up your space, there are so many home decor sites to browse — and so many styles. But did you know that Etsy has a wide variety of beautifully unique pieces for your home? I'm talking about gorgeous accent furniture, wall decals, and jewelry dishes that you won't find anywhere else because they're made with some serious TLC. When you consider Etsy's predicted home trends for 2019, it makes even more sense to check out some of the stores in the Etsy fam to get some gorgeous nesting inspiration.

If you're already an Etsy fan, then you know about the serious talent that's featured on the site. Many of these creative shop owners offer customization options to their already exquisitely unique items, making them pieces that you won't find browsing through the aisles at Home Goods.

So whether you're looking to spruce up your space for the warmer months, breathe some inspiration into your home, or maybe you've decided to give your whole place a makeover, these 2019 home decor trends from Etsy will have you and your house covered. According to Etsy, this season is all about "maximalism." Pops of color, bold pieces and loud accents, and I'm loving it all.

Did you know that tie-dye is making a comeback? And it has come a long way since the days of tie-dyeing some oversized white T-shirts in summer camp back in the '90s. Look at this stunning hand-dyed duvet and pillowcase set featuring an eclectic assortment of color, making your bed an other-worldly place to lay your head at night.

Right now, Art Deco is on the rise so watch out, South Beach. Check out this accent wall mirror perfect as a focal point in any room or as an accent to your vanity.

Get creative with wallpaper by adding a pop of color to furniture in the kids' room or even as an accent on your floor or stairs. Check out this bold colored, removable wallpaper from Kate Zaremba Company. Its bright design breathes excitement and creativity into any room. Plus this peel and stick wallpaper is easily removable, making this revamp totally convenient.

This abstract wall print just screams summer with this bright colors and alluding summer-time shapes. Plus, this specific print from My Darlin BK is called "pool party," and it's the perfect piece to warm up your home and get ready for the summer months. Those bold colors really scream "maximalism" to me.

Apparently animal prints are in too, and who doesn't love animals? On Etsy you can find all kinds of animal print items or handmade ceramics, like this lion money box by Hannah Turner Shop. It's so cute, and it can easily be used as desk decor or a book weight in the kids' room.

Oh, and let's talk about crystals and how you should totally get your home into them. If you're not sure where to start, you will be after you see this stunning jewelry dish. Essarai Ceramics creates these one-of-a-kind dishes that are the perfect accent to any table top. But the best part is you can actually create your own when you visit their shop on Etsy.

Basically, it's time to jump into all of your hobbies, designs, and colors for your home. No more whitewashed walls and minimal knickknacks. Go all out, and know that Etsy has literally everything you need.