I Want To Wallpaper My House With Eva Chen's New Book 'Roxy The Last Unisaurus Rex'

I love a spunky children's book. I love bright colors, whimsical characters, and funny scenes that teach important life lessons, too (like maybe don't feed dragons spicy salsa). Eva Chen has really hit the mark with her Juno Valentine series, but is branching out into children's literature in a huge way with Roxy the Unisaurus Rex, available October 6, 2020 from Macmillan.

Yeah, Roxy the Unisaurus Rex looks as cool as she sounds. Romper can exclusively reveal the cover for this delightful new picture book, and it it's the bright, happy spot on the shelf that your kid will lunge for. A huge pink, orange, and yellow rainbow in the background gives Roxy the jumping off point to swing her majestic, unicorn-horned T. rex head out into the world. She has wings, she has a flowing shampoo-commercial mane, and her name is in big bold pink letters at the bottom of the cover: ROXY. I love her already. (Obviously the animated glitter action won't happen in your home library, but you can imagine.)

The premise of Chen's new book sounds pretty simple: Let's combine things children love into a character that can teach them the art of self-expression. But it's so much bigger than that. Putting together the best parts of a dinosaur and a unicorn (both often separated for children by gender stereotypes), Roxy becomes a character for absolutely everyone. She has a glittery horn, but loves to eat steak. She wears a sparkly tutu, but has a mouth full of sharp teeth. You get it. And of course, Roxy will find a friend on her adventures that helps teach her the importance of staying true to yourself.

The story is illustrated by Matthew Rivera, and I'm already obsessed with how bright and fanciful Roxy is just from the cover. It's not often you can find a children's book that pleases both the child and the parent reading it 800 times, but Roxy feels like a good fit. And any picture book that makes me want to wallpaper my house with its pages is more than OK by me.