You'll Love The Message Behind The Birthday Outfit Eva Longoria Chose For Her Baby

Actress Eva Longoria recently celebrated son Santi's first birthday with a trip to Disneyland and a blowout party to commemorate his baptism with husband José "Pepe" Bastón, family, and friends. Longoria posted about the celebrations on Instagram, where her 6.8 million followers got an inside look at the gorgeous party decor, along with a ridiculously adorable snap of Longoria's son wearing a baby onesie with the phrase "El Bebé" across the front.

Longoria, a Texan native who hails from the coastal town of Corpus Christi, is known for supporting brands born in the state. She recently developed a line of salsa sold exclusively at HEB grocery stores, one of the most beloved Texas brands. So, it is no surprise that when it was time for Santi's first birthday party, Longoria opted to dress her precious babe in a onesie from Austin, Texas retailer Leo & Libra.

The Leo & Libra brand was developed by mom and entrepreneur Karen Trombetta, who tells Romper via email how the clothing company was born. "I’m Mexican, my husband is Italian, and when I was pregnant with our second son, I wanted to find special items, be it clothing or keepsakes, that represented our culture and language. I specifically wanted a 'Big Brother' shirt in Spanish to announce to our family that baby number two was coming," she says. "It was much harder than I anticipated to find anything I really loved so I felt compelled to do it myself. Not just to show my sons how important our multiculturalism is and how proud of it we are, but to also show them what it looks like to pursue your passions."

The apparel line features tees and onesies for kids with phrases like "Hermano Mayor" (Big Brother in Spanish) and "Grande Souer" (Big Sister in French), as well as "El Bebé" (The Baby in Spanish) like the onesie Longoria's son sported at his birthday party, and several other versions of both Spanish and French sayings for big and little siblings alike. The company's Instagram page boasts that more designs featuring English and Italian phrases are forthcoming.

As a certified Texan, I can tell you that this brand is a fan favorite locally where Spanish isn't so much a second language, as it is woven into everyday conversation for even non-Spanish speakers here in the Lone Star State. Here, queso is a food group, my best friend growing up called her mom Madre, and most of us can sing Selena songs in our sleep. So it's not a surprise that Leo & Libra's clothing sporting Spanish phrases are an absolute hit with Texans, even the famous ones like Longoria.

Longoria isn't the only celebrity with kids sporting Leo & Libra designs. Back in May 2018, actress Zooey Deschanel posted a shout out to the retailer on her Instagram page.

Trombetta calls Leo & Libra "a one-woman show in a spare bedroom in Austin, Texas," but thanks to the celebrity appeal of her designs, it is likely you'll see Leo & Libra apparel more and more on kids everywhere.

Isn't that how many beloved brands start out? One woman, one design, a few celebrities, and BAM — cult following! Take fellow Texan and jewelry designer Kendra Scott for example. The jewelry designs that Scott began making and selling locally in 2002 from her spare bedroom wound up on fashion runways and red carpets, and is now a brand worth more than $550 million. Scott's success paved the way for women like Trobetta to dive headfirst into their passions and show the world that moms can be mammoth entrepreneurs if they want to be.

If you're looking for multicultural designs for your little ones, head over to the Leo & Libra website where you can order your very own "El Bebé" onesie or one of their other lovely linguistic pieces.