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Eva Mendes' Hilarious Selfie Of Her Trying To Hide From Her Kids Is Every Mom

After a full day of juggling work, pickups, and a million other things moms do, it can sometimes feel like you're literally at the bottom of a long to-do list. Even taking two seconds for yourself can seem like a faraway dream from another time. And this is exactly why I find Eva Mendes' selfie of her trying to hide from her kids SO relatable.

Mendes, mom to 3-year-old Amada and 5-year-old Esmeralda with partner Ryan Gosling, posted a fun and hilarious behind-the-scenes shot of her parenting life over the weekend.

"Sunday. Still in bed. Trying to hide from my kids. (not having success),” Mendes posted on Instagram alongside a snap of herself looking exceptionally glamorous. “And no, I didn’t wash my makeup off last night. I know, I know so bad."

She continued, "To all you mamas out there, hope you find a moment to sneak away from the madness today even for a few minutes."

Fans (including me) appreciated not only this rare glimpse into Mendes' personal space, but the honesty of her statement about how rare a break away from kids can be and how much it's truly needed.

Fans soon chimed in with their own comments about the post, with one commenter writing, "Got back in the bed and took a nap after breakfast!!! My hubby dealt with the kids. It was bliss!"

Another chimed in that they "had to hide" from their 2-year-old baby boy for "10 min to recharge." They added, "I was going bananas."

"I hide too in my bathroom just to do yoga..lol," someone else joked.

Mendes even took the opportunity to answer back a fan after people shared their own stories, writing, "Today was tough. Ain’t gonna lie. That’s why I’m getting back to comments at 1 am. They’re asleep. This is my time! Sending love."

One thing I've found hysterical about motherhood is this common misconception that weekends are "relaxing." The idea the weekend is a time to unwind, relax, and basically do nothing (or maybe grab a brunch of Challah French Toast at 1 p.m.) is a concept that basically belongs to single people.

Weekends for busy parents? That translates to doing all of the things they couldn't get to during the week (Costco shopping trip, Target run, and getting your car's oil changed). And that's not counting all of the sports games, where parents spend their hours camped out in the hot sun or freezing wind, cheering for their kids as they run up and down a field. Sheesh, I get tired just thinking about all of it.

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Mendes, who doesn't reveal much personally on social media, and does not post pics of her kids as far as I can see, did admit to Kelly Clarkson that she thinks the job of stay-at-home mom is much harder than something like her old gig, acting. And although she may relish her family's privacy, that doesn't mean she's trying to portray an image of modern parenting as effortless.

"I feel overwhelmed, which is every day at certain parts of the day," she recently told Hola! magazine of juggling her role as a clothing designer with New York & Co. on top of everything else. "[Esmeralda and Amada] are very opinionated and active as they should be and it's beautiful, but it's maddening – and then to try to work within that and be present as a mom. I would say the hardest part about it is the mommy guilt that I feel. Even though I know...it's also good for them to see me work."

I feel you, Eva, and so does everyone else. And I won't judge you for hiding from you kids when you need to.