Evil Betty & Good Betty 'Riverdale' Halloween Costumes To Showcase Your Personalities

If you’ve been watching the CW’s Riverdale, you’ll know that it’s nothing like the Archie Comics you remembered as a kid. The comic books presented a Riverdale that was innocent, fun, and light. But this new version of Riverdale is anything but innocent. While the characters are true to their comic book nature, in this version, they have a darker side that turns up every now and then, and even goody-two-shoes Betty isn’t spared. So, why not channel her chaos this Halloween with these evil Betty and good Betty Riverdale Halloween costumes?

Riverdale is full of mystery, murder, and intrigue, which makes it a perfect inspiration for Halloween. In the third episode of season one, "Body Double," you get a glimpse into Betty’s more twisted self, and it’s pretty damn hot. The costumes would be perfect for one or two people, you just have to figure out which Betty you truly are. Bonus? Most of these pieces are probably already in your closet and if they're not, they'll make excellent additions to your wardrobe. An amazing Halloween costume and some new clothes? What more could you want? If you can't choose which Betty you actually are, try a dual costume like Clark Kent and Superman.

Evil Betty

In the episode, Betty is out to avenge the girls who were shamed by the jocks at school, but in a dark twist, she shows up in a wig, embracing a pretty sinister demeanor. It’s when she attempts to get a confession out of the perpetrator that her real evil side shows.

To get the evil Betty look, you will need a short, black wig ($17, Amazon), a pink and black longline lace bra ($49, Lord and Taylor), a black, high-waisted skirt ($10 to $12, Amazon), a black choker ($9, Amazon), and high-heeled, black pumps ($30, Macy’s). Take it a little further with a deep red lipstick ($17, Ulta), winged black eyeliner ($10, Ulta), faux eyelashes ($6, Ulta), and black mascara ($10, Ulta).

Good Betty

While she did have her brief, evil moment, for the most part, Betty is a sweetheart, and it shows in the way she dresses. For a classic good Betty look, you can get an embellished faux collar ($6, Amazon) and wear it under a blush pink sweater ($15, H&M) with a pair of jeans ($28, Target) and a denim backpack ($23, Amazon). You can complete the look with a pretty pink lipstick ($17, Ulta) and pearl earrings ($6, Amazon).

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