Disney Junior is celebrating the traditional Hindu holiday of Raksha Bandhan in an upcoming episode ...
Courtesy of Disney Junior

Exclusive Look At Fun New 'Mira, Royal Detective' Episode Celebrating Raksha Bandhan

Got a bad case of squabbling siblings at your house? Join Disney Junior and the gang of Mira, Royal Detective in celebrating Raksha Bandhan, a traditional Hindu holiday celebrating the bond between brothers and sisters. In an exclusive Mira, Royal Detective clip Disney Junior shared with Romper ahead of a new episode's premiere this week, Mira and her friends share why siblings and even cousins or close friends mark the holiday by exchanging rakhi bracelets.

"I am so proud that Mira, Royal Detective is showcasing this joyous part of my culture, as it sends a great message about family, community and togetherness," Mira, Royal Detective series choreographer Nakul Dev Mahajan tells Romper. "Raksha Bandhan has always been a special tradition for our family. I share a close relationship with my sister and many cousin sisters. Thus, celebrating this occasion, which symbolizes the eternal love of brother-sister relationships holds a special place in my heart."

According to India's "Know India" program, Raksha Bandhan is a festival centered around celebrating the special love and connection between brothers and sisters. To mark the holiday, sisters traditionally tie rakhi bracelets made of interwoven threads and sometimes beads around their brothers' wrists to not only celebrate their bond, but also help ward off evil influences and serve as a prayer for their brother's happiness, long life, and other well wishes.

In return, brothers present their sisters with a gift, promising to protect them from harm. While Raksha Bandhan traditionally celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters, rakhi bracelets are also exchanged between cousins or close friends who share a bond similar to that between a brother and sister.

"The Rakhi Mystery" episode of Mira, Royal Detective — set to air Thursday, July 30 on Disney Junior — will feature a special dance choreographed especially for Mira and the gang in Jalpur by Mahajan, whose choreography you've likely seen featured on So You Think You Can Dance.

"The dance that I choreographed for this episode is truly special," Mahajan tells Romper. "The song tugs at your heart strings and the animation is spectacular. 'The Rakhi Mystery' episode is certainly one of my favorites and delivers several important and beautiful messages not just for younger viewers, but adults too."

Geared at kids age 2 to 7, Disney Junior's Mira, Royal Detective centers around Mira, an intelligent and resourceful young girl appointed by the queen to be the royal detective of the magical kingdom of Jalpur. Throughout the series, Mira and her friends solve mysteries while introducing viewers to Indian cultures and customs.

So, if your kids could use a quick reminder about the importance of appreciating their siblings, introduce them to Raksha Bandhan with the help of Mira, Royal Detective.