Take An Exclusive Peek At The Brand New 'PAW Patrol' Movie

If your kids have been wondering what's been going on in Barkingburg these days, an exclusive PAW Patrol: Jet To The Rescue clip — the pups' new movie — shared with Romper provides an exciting peek at the crew's special new mission.

PAW Patrol: Jet To The Rescue from Paramount Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment is available now for DVD purchase on Amazon, and it looks like all the pups, even Zuma, are going to be going on a big adventure.

That's right, the pups are back to follow the directive set out by their human boy boss Ryder to find the gem of Barkingburg after it was stolen by the dastardly Duke of Flappington. Also to add insult to injury, the Duke of Flappington is apparently raising the entire village of Barkingburg into the sky using a stolen levitation device, so the pups really do have their work cut out for them

Ryder himself can't help the pups beyond providing them with their own specially outfitted personal jets that each come with stealth mode, as he explains to Skye, Everest, and Tracker in the exclusive clip below. Ryder has been captured along with the rest of the pups, who will also need to be rescued from inside the castle of Barkingburg.

Throughout the movie, the pups are going to be working overtime on this new rescue mission. Not only will they be expected to rescue Ryder and the other pups, they're also going to have to help out with Mayor Humdinger's kittens and save a stunt pilot.

Naturally, Amazon is selling new PAW Patrol toys and apparel to coincide with the premiere of PAW Patrol: Jet To The Rescue, including cool planes that transform, a jet gift pack, and more. And beyond the new PAW Patrol movie, the DVD also comes with four "fan-favorite episodes," according to Paramount.

You know your kids are going to want to find out what happens to the gem of Barkingburg and play along with the pups, so consider your family's next movie night planned.