'Valley Girl' takes fans back to simpler and more hilarious times.
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Judy Greer Is Every 80s Mom In This Exclusive Look At The 'Valley Girl' Remake

If you long for the days of leg warmers and jazzercise videos, you'll surely enjoy this exclusive clip of the Valley Girl remake shared with Romper featuring Judy Greer decked out in full 80s glory in her wood-paneled family room.

The 1983 classic of the same name stars a young Nicolas Cage and Deborah Freeman as punk dude Randy and, of course, San Fernando Valley girl Julie Freeman. The original Valley Girl was made as a loose adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet since Randy and Julie (get it?) are from two different worlds.

In the Valley Girl remake, which is available for digital download today and will be shown in select drive-in theaters, Jessica Rothe stars as Julie Freeman, a "creative fashionista" who loves to spend her time shopping at the Galeria mall with her friends and getting ready for senior prom. All of that gets tossed out the window when she falls for Randy, a Sunset Strip punk rocker played by Joshua Whitehouse, who crashes a house party with his best friend and fellow bandmate Jack, an LGBTQ punk rocker played by Parenthood's Mae Whitman.

If you thought the plot was amazing enough on its own, you are in for a surprise — Valley Girl is also a musical with 80s music and dance numbers choreographed by Mandy Moore. And let's not forget Judy Greer playing Julie's mom and getting in her home workout in a body suit, leg warmers, and — yes please — nylons.

In the exclusive clip shared with Romper, Julie is curled up in a chair working on her outfit for an upcoming party, an outfit pulled straight out of the Madonna look book circa her "Like A Virgin" days. Her parents want to make sure there's no "Risky Business" going on, presumably a nod to the Tom Cruise movie from the 80s. Also Greer and her daughter have a weird conversation about something "fitting" where neither one of them really understands what the other means.

Valley Girl is the ultimate flashback to a moment in time that really did define an era. Valley girls were defined by geography, of course, based in California and defined as vapid, silly, and beautiful for the most part. But in the 80s, being a Valley girl became a choice for teens across the country. A style. A language. A way of looking at the world through a different lens, a way of giving yourself permission to be silly.

And if this glimpse at Judy Greer having the time of her life in leg warmers doesn't make you yearn for a little silly in your life... you might need to take a chill pill.

You can check out Valley Girl in select drive-in theaters and on digital platforms on Friday, May 8.