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Eye-Opening Tweets About Mike Pence's Beliefs That Prove He's Anything But Boring

It might seem fairly simple to dismiss Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as boring, particularly as he's the running mate of Larger Than Life GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. But is Mike Pence the mild-mannered, even-tempered politician some might have you believe? Trust me, these eye-opening, jaw-dropping tweets about Pence's beliefs prove he's anything but boring. And that's not exactly a good thing.

Boring = safe, I suppose. Safe and cautious and... well, moderate. Pence has certainly seemed to give off the impression of being wonderfully moderate. Especially in comparison to his running mate Donald Trump, a self-professed "wild card" who is a fan of saying whatever he thinks whenever he's thinking it. Pence, on the other hand, has been in politics for two decades. He has been the governor of Indiana since 2012. He is a father of three, including one son who is in military service, and husband to entrepreneur wife Karen Pence (the creator of Towel Charms, although she has put that business on hold while the election is ongoing). Doesn't all that sound so nice? Like the sort of guy you might barbeque excellent steaks with in your fenced backyard. That is how Mike Pence seems, like a nice guy with a happy family and an easy smile.

But that's not the whole story.

If one was to look at Pence's track record, he could be considered an extremist.

His Stance On The LGBTQ Community

In 2015, Pence signed a bill in 2015 as governor of Indiana that would effectively allow businesses to refuse service to members of the LGBTQ community, citing religious beliefs.

His Position On Syrian Refugees

Pence attempted to ban entry for displaced Syrian refugees to Indiana after the Paris terror attacks, despite the fact that he took funds from the federal government for the displaced refugees. The U.S. Court of Appeals upheld an earlier court's decision to deny Pence's attempt the day before the Vice Presidential debate on Tuesday.

His Stance On Abortion And Planned Parenthood

Pence's quote about Roe v. Wade, the groundbreaking decision that allowed access to abortions:

"I want to live to see the day that… we send Roe v. Wade to the ash heap of history."

His Feelings On The Environment

In the 12 years that Mike Pence sat as a congressman, he voted against almost every single piece of environmental change legislation. He also believes that global warming is a myth, in case you were curious.

Pence Believes Smoking Doesn't Kill

Pence once wrote an op-ed piece explaining that smoking does not, in fact, kill anyone.

So sure, the man knows how to modulate his voice, speak slowly, and look sincere. But voting records don't lie, y'all.