This Detangling Spray Is The One Hair Product I Swear By For My Kid's Rapunzel Locks

I was not a kid who appreciated her hair being brushed, and that's putting it lightly. My mom was afraid the neighbors would think she was hurting me because of how much I screamed when it was time to wash my hair, and half of the photos of me as a kid feature a thousand barrettes shoved in my hair because I refused to let my mom brush it. You guys — I got my karma. Because now I have a kid who hates for me to brush her hair, which is why I'm obsessed with Fairy Tales detangling spray, and if your kid is anything like mine, you will be, too.

I know it sounds hypocritical to get frustrated with my kid when she won't let me brush her hair, but y'all. She loses it. She loves French braids and pig tails and pony tails, and doesn't really mind me washing it too much, but the minute she sees a brush? It's over. She's out, and she's letting the whole neighborhood know. I felt like I was a gentle brusher — I'd hold the hair up in my hand so it didn't tug at her scalp and I would just yank the brush through — but it was still torture for both of us. She has super long, super straight, thick hair that's easy to brush and style, so it's not even like we're working with something impossible here. It's just her and her fear of the brush. (And maybe a slightly tender head, but good grief.)

Enter Fairy Tangles Tangle Tamers. If you haven't heard of this brand, it's an all-natural hair care line for kids that includes everything from Rosemary Repel Lice Prevention to Sun & Swim care and Curly Q for those with waves and ringlets. I'm itching to use the Sun & Swim on my daughter this summer, but in the meantime, I wanted to give the Static Free Tangle Tamers shampoo, conditioner, and spray. And you guys? It worked.

So my kid usually gets knots right in the front of her hair, like in the pieces that she's constantly shoving behind her ears after they fall in her yogurt at breakfast, and also those gnarly knots right at the nape of her neck. You know the ones. It's usually impossible for her to let me brush, which means I try to finger comb them out and ugh — it's terrible. But after using the shampoo and conditioner during her bath the other morning, I basically soaked her hair in the Tangle Tamers spray. It suggests spraying on damp hair to detangle and smooth, but you can also use it on dry hair to help with static and frizz.

And detangle and smooth it did. Look, this is the first detangling spray I've ever used so maybe I'm just freaking out over nothing, but I remember the detangling spray my mom used on me and how it did absolutely nothing. This Fairy Tales spray seemed to just... work the knots out? And then I could get an entire brush through it without picking at the knot over and over. It also smelled like summer with a nice coconut scent, and it made her hair so shiny and silky smooth.

According to the product description, it has natural keratin extracts, provitamins, and is gluten, soy, and dairy-free. I just basically think it's full of magic. It even worked well the next morning when my kid's hair was dry, but a little unruly. Sure, she still shouted a bit when she saw the brush, but she couldn't wait to tell her daddy how "Mommy's magic spray worked!"

So, you know, if you're in any kind of rut with your kid and their hair — and by rut I mean giant rat's nest of tangles — this is the spray that worked for us, and you can find it just about anywhere, including Amazon. (Read the reviews there, too!) My kid is obsessed with her long hair, and hand on heart, this product makes the length of her hair worth it. With my 6-month-old halfway to her own head of Rapunzel hair, I'm about to buy cases of this stuff.