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Fans Predict The Drama Still To Come On Hannah's Season Of 'The Bachelorette'

Jul. 8's episode of The Bachelorette takes viewers to hometown dates, where Luke, Tyler, Jed, and Peter all get to introduce Hannah to their families. The promo teases lots of classic Bachelorette tropes — like whether Tyler will work up the courage to say I love you during his hometown or chicken out and derail the rose ceremony at the last minute to spit it out. But there are much bigger threats looming and fan predictions for Hannah's Bachelorette season prove there's still plenty of drama to come this season.

For one thing, there's the fallout from Luke's sex-shaming confrontation ahead of fantasy suites, during which Hannah proudly reveals that she's already had sex on the show (twice!), it was great, and she doesn't regret it. And she certainly doesn't believe it impacts her standing with Jesus, whom Luke used a defense for his argument. In fact, Chris Harrison teased in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that their shared faith was, initially, something that Luke and Hannah intensely bonded over. "That’s something she didn’t have with a lot of other guys," he added, giving some vital insight into how in god's name Luke is still around. But that connection clearly had its limits and fans are eager to see it go down in flames.

Here's more on what Bachelor Nation is predicting for Hannah B.

It Was Hannah & Jed In The Windmill

Thanks to some eagle-eyed Bachelor Nation sleuthing, fans can reasonably surmise from the hometown dates promo that it was Hannah and Jed who wound up getting it on in the windmill. He's the first person to whom Hannah confessed she was falling in love, and that admission happened pretty early on in the grand scheme of things. It tracks that Jed would be the person who got a pre-fantasy suite quickie in, and he does seem to be a favorite in Hannah's mind for the final rose. However...

Hannah & Jed Crash & Burn

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Some fans are speculating that Hannah pulls an Arie Luyendyk, Jr. when she learns that Jed had a girlfriend back home during filming. Jed's girlfriend Haley Stevens gave an exclusive interview to Us Weekly a few weeks ago telling her side of the dramatic tale. Remember when Jed admitted to Hannah that he initially went on The Bachelorette solely as a platform for his budding country music career? Yeah, well, according to Stevens, that was not only true, but he also had a girlfriend waiting for him back home. Stevens, who is also a singer/songwriter, says that she gave Jed her blessing to go on the show to boost his profile. She never imagined actual feelings would come into play.

And while Jed was upfront with Hannah about his reasons for coming on the show — before he had a change of heart and actually fell for her — he conveniently left out the part about how he had a girlfriend of four months who had already met his family and with whom he was already exchanging "I love yous" back home.

All of this is poised to blow up in Hannah's face before the show is over. Some fans are predicting that it may not happen until after she accepts a proposal from Jed, leaving her to ditch him and go back to somebody else after the show ends, à la Arie.

Hannah & Tyler Wind Up Together

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Tyler has been stanning Hannah and all her autonomous bodily choices hard on social media since that clip of her shutting Luke down came out. He's even been retweeting other former Bachelorettes who've come out in support of Hannah. She, meanwhile, has liked one of his tweets defending her as well as an Instagram shot he posted of them in Riga together. (As Marie Claire noted, though, she also liked one of Jed's Riga Instagram posts, so that was probably producer-approved social media interaction.)

Could this be run-of-the-mill protective ex fondness? Sure. But could it mean Tyler ends up standing outside Hannah's window with a boombox professing his love after Jed breaks her heart? Why not!

Luke Comes Back To Propose To Hannah

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This is by far the most exhausting prediction, but I would be remiss if I didn't include it. So, the promo for fantasy suites week all but confirm that Luke gets sent home for sex-shaming Hannah. But then, ABC also teases that someone crashes the show in the eleventh hour ready to propose to Hannah. Most fans are assuming this is another bone-headed stunt by Luke. There's a slim possibility it could be another contestant, or maybe one of the four other guys Hannah kissed before going on The Bachelor. But Luke is the clear frontrunner for someone who would do something this ruinous when poor Hannah is trying to sort herself out for the final rose ceremony.

There are only a few episodes left in Hannah's journey as The Bachelorette, and, unfortunately, they seem poised to be pretty emotionally trying ones.