'Sex Education' Is Already Lighting Up Twitter & Finding Its Fan Base

Sex Education debuted on Netflix earlier this month, and this UK-set coming of age dramedy is a true Netflix original. The series has already generated a fair bit of buzz and tweets about Sex Education prove that the show already has an avid fan base ready to meme away all its best moments (and there are plenty).

The show stars Asa Butterfield as Otis, a socially awkward teenage boy living in the fictional English countryside town of Moordale. (The show actually filmed in Caerlon, Wales, according to Refinery29.) His mother, played by Gillian Anderson, is a sex and relationship therapist, which means that Otis processes a lot of sexual feelings with his mom (which isn't always comfortable or even very healthy). But it also means that he's far better educated about sex than his horny and curious, but ultimately pretty ignorant, peers.

Otis' crush, misunderstood outcast Maeve, convinces him to turn his encyclopedic knowledge of how sex actually works — plus generally nonthreatening vibe — into a profitable sex therapy business for his sexually lost peers. This despite the fact that Otis himself has never actually done the deed and actually harbors some pretty serious anxieties about sex himself.

The show does a great job of handling sensitive topics with both humor and nuance and fans have been very vocal about their appreciation on Twitter.

The show boasts a few legitimately shocking moments, like when the resident "bad boy" and principal's son, Adam, faces his anxiety about his penis size by dropping his pants in front of the cafeteria in order to "own his narrative." And Sex Education offers a refreshing twist on the story, to boot. Instead of being anxious that his penis is too small, Adam is actually plagued by school gossip about how big it is (rumor has it it's the size of two coke cans stacked on top of one another!). In case you were wondering if the show held anything back let me tell you it does not.

Sex Education also earned itself a mild Twitter roasting (as most good things do!) for its somewhat confusing aesthetic choices. The show was set in the English countryside, but its high school campus looked very American, for example some students wore letterman jackets, which are a fairly unique American sports culture thing. The series is also set in present day, but the outfits and aesthetic choices are explicitly '80s. Also, the series is meant to be set in the southwest region of the U.K., but the rolling hills of Wales that set up establishing shots look nothing like that region, according to Buzzfeed TV Editor and miffed Brit Scott Bryan. "There is a bit of both worlds, decidedly, in the series, and the aim and the hope is that Americans won’t notice," Anderson explained in an interview with Radio Times.

That said, fans seem to have embraced the series and are already campaigning for a second season to be made.

Indeed, the show left off on such a note that a second season seems almost necessary. And obviously fans agree. Sadly, everyone will just have to wait until Netflix makes it official.