Eric’s Pants Didn’t Make It To His Wedding On '90 Day Fiance'

by Gillian Walters

90 Day Fiancé fans witnessed a historic first on the show Sunday night: Eric forget his pants on his wedding day to Leida. Yep, that happened.

I won't mince words here — Eric and Leida's relationship is a bit concerning. Not only does Leida refuse to accept Eric's kids (she urged him to ditch child support, remember?), but the couple don't see eye to eye financially.

Oh, and I did I mention that Eric's daughter, Tasha, refused to attend their nuptials? “I’m sorry but I really don’t think I can go to your wedding," she told her dad after Leida kicked her out of the family's apartment, according to Soap Dirt.

Despite all of these major hurdles, the couple decided to go ahead with their wedding in Eric's native home of Wisconsin.

The hours leading up to the wedding were understandably chaotic, as most life-changing days tend to be. But the stressful situation was made worse by Eric's pants situation. Give me a second to explain here.

Shortly before the couple were set to exchange vows, Eric realized that he forget the bottom half of his suit. Cameras followed the groom as he walked around the hotel room in circles asking no one in particular, "Where are they?" Leida, as per usual, sported a non-impressed expression as she watched her future husband fumble around their suite for pants that didn't exist.

The jokes write themselves, folks.

If you're wondering whether fans were sympathetic to Eric's plight, the answer is no. Plenty of viewers pointed out that Eric seemed more upset about his missing pants than he did his missing kids. No comment.

"I love that the preview makes it seem like Eric is looking for his daughters when he says, 'where are they?' He’s looking for his pants," someone joked on Twitter.

Another person chimed in: "Eric is worried that his pants are missing from the wedding. How about your kids, Eric? How about your kids?"

Others accused Tasha of stealing Eric's pants in some sort of revenge plot, a theory that's pretty entertaining.

"Hah!! Tasha probably hid Eric's pants in an effort to sabotage the wedding!!" a fan commented.

"I have a theory here," a commenter penned. "Tasha snuck back into the apartment and stole her Eric’s pants."

"Raise your hand if you hope Tasha took Eric's wedding pants," one person said.

Luckily for Eric, he was able to procure another pair of pants, even if the errand made him late to his own wedding. Leida was upset about the time delay, but she ultimately reasoned, "Once the dress is on, there is no turning back."

Hmm. I don't think that's how it works, but I'll go with it.

If you're wondering whether Eric and Leida actually went through with the wedding, it definitely happened. Eric felt a bit disappointed that Tasha wasn't there to witness the event, but Leida appeared unmoved. "Jenna was there and that was enough," the bride said about Eric's younger daughter.

It's unclear where Leida and Eric's relationship will go following the nuptials, but one can only hope pants-gate isn't an omen of things to come.

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