Randy Sager/ABC

Eric's New Look Was The True MVP Of 'The Bachelorette'

The season finale of The Bachelorette brought third place suitor Eric Bigger on stage for an extremely awkward post-breakup conversation with Rachel. But on the internet people seemed preoccupied by one thing in particular, Eric's new facial hair. Fans love Eric's beard on The Bachelorette, while I am here still dealing with my newfound love for Eric. For whatever reason, the show decided to make me fall in love with him right as he was getting the boot. Thanks a lot, ABC.

Eric emerged on the scene looking fresh-faced and absolutely adorable when we first saw him compete for Rachel's heart. How could I have looked past that good-natured grin for all of these weeks? Because Chris Harrison and his emotionally manipulative cronies at ABC just like to torture us, Eric came back on stage right after Rachel broke up with him, and Eric responded in the most mature way I've ever seen a man dumped on this show. "I'll always love you," he told her, without an ounce of resentment. (No, you're crying.) When he appeared on stage he looked... even better than usual. Could it be because I just learned to appreciate him as a genuinely lovely person for his understanding during this breakup? Or maybe it's his new beard.

Some men look better with a beard. Some men should stay far away from any and all facial hair. And some men you think look great with a clean shave until you see them with a beard for the first time and you need to take a minute to calm yourself down. Eric is, apparently, one of those men.

Not only was he looking fantastic in his crisp stylish suit and sexy scruff, but Eric continued to be a perfect gentleman to Rachel, only making my life harder. He looked her in the eyes and asked her how she was, finally thanking her for helping him to open his heart and be open to love.

Now, I don't want to speculate, because I've definitely been wrong before, but it almost seems like Eric is getting a potential Bachelor edit. Eric has never been more likable, and everybody knows that he has never looked better. Most people are pretty convinced at this point that Peter is going to be the next Bachelor, but hey, Eric finally being ready to fall in love after years of closing off his heart is a pretty good narrative. Especially if he keeps the beard.