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Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over This Pic Of Kim & Kourtney "Hiding" Khloe Kardashian's Pregnancy

As Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian have yet to confirm their respective alleged pregnancies, fans are grasping at straws for proof. Tweets, snaps, and Instagram posts are under the microscope for any sign of a bump. Most recently, fans think that Kim and Kourtney are hiding Khloé Kardashian's pregnancy in this pic of the three of them posing together in front of the San Francisco skyline.

Of the three rumored pregnancies circling the KarJenner camp, Kim has been the only sister to confirm her third pregnancy — this time reportedly via surrogacy — with husband Kanye West. Despite fans' urgent pleas, Kylie and Khloé have remained silent as rumors and conspiracy theories fly. Adding fuel to the fires are photos of Khloé seeming to "hide" her belly, one way or another.

In a recent Instagram photo posted by Kim on Monday, Khloé stands somewhat behind Kim and Kourtney, with her lower body and midsection covered. Along with the positioning, fans were quick to point out that Khloé's clothes are a lot looser fitting than those of her sisters. While Kim and Kourtney are clad in tight, body-con outfits, Khloé is sporting long pants, a long top, and a coat that almost reaches her ankles. The posing and wardrobe choices have fan questioning whether or not she has something to hide.

Comments on the post are almost unanimous in declaring that the sisters are helping to hide a bump. And there seems to be little doubt in anyone's mind that the sisters were helping her hide a pregnancy.

"Funny how they are blocking Khloé’s stomach," one follower commented on the photo.

Another wrote, "Khloé is usually front and center with her sisters and now she's hiding in the back lol." While another quipped, "Hiding her bump."

"Khloé must be pregnant. Why she hiding behind Kim, and Kourtney?" another follower questioned, while one more wrote, "Khloé covering her belly lol."

This isn't the first time that Khloé's positioning or clothing choices prompted scrutiny. At Nordstrom's one year anniversary for her Good American denim line, Khloé wore a pair of high-waisted jeans that some people thought were used to hide a bump, as Us Weekly reported.

As tempting as it is to speculate, in reality no one can know for sure until Khloé weighs in on all this herself. Admittedly, she has done little to quiet the roars. Some believe that Khloé hinted at her changing rumored pregnant body at the same Nordstrom event, her first public appearance since the rumors started, according to People, she said:

My weight fluctuates all the time and I love that at any size I feel comfortable. When I was bigger and wore bigger clothes I looked even bigger. I love embracing my curves no matter what size I am.

While there is no definitive proof that these comments are inspired by pregnancy rumors, her words can easily be interpreted that way.

Another recent photo of Khloé shows her itty bitty waistline that one would expect to dispel any pregnancy rumors, but it seems to have had the opposite effect. The sweet shot of Khloé and her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, smooching by the pool has been interpreted by fans as evidence of photoshopping to hide a growing bump. Cited "proof" of the alteration includes blurring of Thompson's hand around where the photoshopping would have been done. While it is far from an ultrasound showing Khloé's DNA, the photo does raise a few eyebrows.

As hoards of internet super sleuths work to uncover evidence of another Kardashian baby to keep up with, all anyone can really do is wait for Khloé to speak out about the rumors. In the end, no number of questionable photos and unnamed sources mean as much as her word.

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