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Farrah Abraham Attacked For Giving Weight-Loss Tea To Her Daughter, But It Didn't Happen


Another day, yet another example of Internet bullying perpetrated by so-called "fans" who aggressively announce their disagreements with a certain celebrity mom's parenting decisions. This week, we saw Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham attacked for giving weight-loss tea to her daughter. As it turns out, though, that's not what really happened. On Nov. 1, Abraham posted a photo to Instagram promoting her use of Flat Tummy Tea, a weight-loss and detox beverage that supposedly cleanses your system, supports metabolism, reduces bloating, and boosts energy. Because the photo happened to include Abraham's 7-year-old daughter, Sophia, her roughly 764,000 Instagram followers took issue with what they assumed was Abraham letting her kiddo consume the tea — which, according to the Flat Tummy Tea website, contains senna leaf, an FDA-approved laxative used to treat constipation and clear the bowels of patients prior to a colonoscopy.

Admittedly, the photo does show Sophia sipping something, but as Abraham later told Us Weekly, the girl's cup actually contained a substance most would deem totally appropriate for child consumption:

One Instagram user wrote:

This person claims to not be someone who "mother slams," yet that appears to be exactly what they're doing by posting such a comment. And believe it or not, that particular remark is relatively tame compared to some others:

Dang, them's fightin' words!

Abraham may dabble in adult films, but there haven't been any reports detailing her alleged deal with the devil — and you know the tabloids would be all over that.

Advocating for a mother to lose custody of her child seems a bit excessive, no?

Next time you have the urge to lash out at a parent online — with accusations that aren't even backed up by facts — try watching the BuzzFeed video below. Like it says, “We’re all on this crap rocket ride of parenthood. Let’s be nice to each other.”

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