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Farrah Abraham's Boyfriend Claims Maci Bookout & Amber Portwood Drank While Pregnant

Break-ups are a pretty nasty business for most people, but especially for celebrities. Actually, let's say most especially if you're a young reality star and ending your relationship. Farrah Abraham, star of Teem Mom OG, and her boyfriend Simon Saran have allegedly ended their relationship, and Saran is apparently not taking it well. The on-again, off-again couple have been struggling with some comments Saran has made about Abraham's co-stars, but his most recent comments about these co-stars are really beyond the pale. Abraham's boyfriend alleges Maci and Amber drank while pregnant, which is nobody's business and just a truly low blow. Even when you are headed for Dumpsville, trashing the friends is simply not on.

The trouble started a-brewin' back in August, when Abraham announced that the couple (who were heavily featured in the Season 6 premiere of Teen Mom OG) were growing apart. She told Us Weekly at the time:

I don't know if Simon and I really have the same outlook on life, and I think that is [not] a really good fit. And [there are] some other things in Simon that really hurt and frustrate me. So I don't know if we are really connected. You spend so much time with someone, and it is not as close as you thought it was. And as a mom, [his behavior] is really hurtful, and I worked through that.

Now that the new season is under way, Saran can't seem to stop the verbal diarrhea from leaking out all over the internet. He recently took to Snapchat to go after Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout (who gave birth to third child Maverick in May), claiming that she drank while she was pregnant for the baby:

Careful kissing mommy, you don't want to get the baby drunk ... How can you talk about balance when you can't even balance walking a straight line cause you're too f--ked up.

Saran made headlines last week when he accused Bookout of drinking while she was pregnant with Maverick:

No more babies coming from the girl who didn’t know she was pregnant, but was slamming beers all day long.

Bookout responded to the allegations by saying:

I never pay attention to any of the comments or press or anything like that, I never have. It’s kind of just a dark hole that I don’t want to get into, but you know, it was more important for me to know that everything with Maverick and the pregnancy was okay and that there were going to be no complications or issues.
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As if those accusations weren't bad enough, Saran also accused Amber Portwood's fiancee Matt Baier of being a pedophile, a claim which neither Portwood nor Baier have decided to address (perhaps rightly so). Romper has reached out to Portwood's camp for comment and is awaiting a response.

Saran subsequently took to Snapchat yet again (has anyone considered taking away his phone?) to refer to Matt Baier as a "red dot in your community, watch out for him." Because that's the sort of accusation one can casually make on social media like it's no big thing.

Simon Saran has no business lashing out at people in the way that he did, even if those accusations were true. His life is his, and no one else's — and he'd likely do well to remember that in the future.