How To Troubleshoot Your Fingerling In Case The Little Creature Needs Help

If you have kids, then you probably have at least one Fingerling in your home as well. These tiny robot animals, which can cling to a kid's finger and make cute noises, have become the hot toy of the moment. If your kid is smitten with these critters, then it's smart to know how to fix your Fingerling, because no one wants to a see their kid heartbroken by a glitchy monkey, after all.

Thankfully, the steps to troubleshooting the toys are straightforward, because the Fingerlings are fairly well-made, according to I4U News. The first step is the same as every other electronic device: try turning it off and on again. Because Fingerlings go into a power conservation mode after a few minutes of inactivity, according to the Fingerlings website, it may simply be saving energy. Flicking the switch off and on again will help the Fingerling "reboot" and wake up once more, ready for play.

If this doesn't make your Fingerling responsive again, then it may be time for some fresh batteries. It is fairly easy to replace your Fingerling's batteries, according to the Fingerlings website. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to open the battery compartment, then replace the four LR44/AG12 button cell batteries. The creatures are designed to last for hours on a single set of batteries, so your Fingerling should be all set for a while. If you want to stock up on these batteries to avoid any potential meltdowns, then consider getting a 10 pack of AG12 button cell batteries ($4, Amazon).

Lastly, if your Fingerling is still not working, then it may be time to call for backup. The WowWee Fingerlings support site is available, and customers can submit a request for help at any time. Whatever the case, hopefully your Fingerling will be back in action soon with some expert advice.

What if you try everything, but they toy is still unresponsive? Your Fingerling may actually be a fake. This is a real concern. Although it sounds ridiculous (why would a toy that retails for only $15 even have knockoffs?) it does happen. Fake Fingerling toys have shown up on eBay and Amazon. Given the extreme popularity of the Fingerling toys, fakes have shown up in an attempt to cash in on the trend. But unlike the legit models, the knockoffs may be cheaply made and prone to breaking irreparably. Buying directly from authorized retailers like Toys "R" Us and Walmart, is the best way to avoid getting a knockoff Fingerling.

Even if your Fingerling is legit, then your kid may still experience different issues with the toy. For some kids, the Fingerling will not fit on any finger, according to the company website. In this case, your kid may want to help the Fingerling grip onto a belt loop, play set, or a big marker. Oh, and if your Fingerling doesn't fart when you press the sensors on its head? That's perfectly normal. Fingerling baby monkeys don't always fart on demand, so this particular command is designed to work at random. (Thank goodness for that feature, right?)

Whatever your experience with these creatures, it looks like the robotic monkeys are around to stay. Because Fingerlings hit two big toy trends, animatronic pets and collectibles, the toys have become wildly popular with kids, according to CNBC. And with the brand WowWee releasing new animals, such as the limited-edition unicorn Fingerling at Toys "R" Us, these little robots may have some staying power. There are even glittery monkeys and sloths for sale, as well, and who knows what the future will bring. In other words? Knowing how to fix a Fingerling may be a useful skill for years to come.

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