These First Day Of School Pennants From Maisonette Are The Perfect Way To Celebrate

When I was a kid, I was fortunate enough that right before school started, my mom and I would always go shopping for my first day of school outfit, and then on the first day, we’d have a photoshoot in the front yard or the front stoop of me modeling my outfit. And of course, if I was really good that summer, I was also showing my new Lisa Frank TrapperKeeper. But you know what would have taken it to the next level? These first day of school banners from Maisonette.

For the first day of Kindergarten through 4th grade (because in 5th grade, I guess you’re too cool for school), you’ll have these beautifully made banners for your kid to hold onto while sporting their back-to-school outfit. Move over overdone letter boards — back to school pennant banners are here. Back in my day (get off my lawn), we’d have to go get my first day of school photos printed and then labeled on the back with what grade I was in. And if we forgot to do that, who knew what year it was that I wore that cherry babydoll dress with black bicycle short leggings and light-up L.A. Gear shoes? Fourth grade. That’s when.


For $26, you’ll get beautifully crafted banners for your child to hold — or to hang on your door — indicating what school year they are about to embark on, and the tasteful font takes these pennants to the next level. They’re so nice, I think they’d even make a nice keepsake, and you can keep them almost showroom new to pass down to your children’s children because they come in a sturdy storage box. The flags come from Cherry Berry Paper, a St. Louis Missouri-based company, which “is sought after by clients nationwide for its playful, yet polished, sensibility.”


These back-to-school flags are on backorder and won’t ship until July 31. So if your kid goes back to school sooner than that — first of all, that’s terrible — but they will not arrive before your first day of school photo, I’m sorry to say.

Why not grab one of these darling Mariella Rompers, in Dusty Blue Muslin, Mini Royal Gingham, or Blush Stripe for your kid to wear on her first day while holding onto a banner? And your other kid will definitely be styling wearing the Ollie Short Sleeve Button Down in the Abstract Shapes Print.

But when it comes to these sweet, vintage flags, order now because they're going fast. I mean, you only get one first day of school each year, right? It's a huge milestone and a reason to celebrate, and these flags do just that. While you’re adding those flags to your cart, don’t forget to check out Maisonette’s end of season sale, which includes pajamas, bathing suits, dresses, baskets, shoes, accessories, and more. Who knows what else you might find to complete the excitement of the first day of school. (The equivalent of a Lisa Frank TrapperKeeper of course.)