Not Everyone Is Loving Fisher-Price's Charcuterie Board, But I'll Take Some Toy Brie

When my sons were little, they loved to play in their toy kitchen. They loved to play with their pretend fried eggs, cut into their giant slices of white bread toast, snack on their weird-looking bacon strips. It was fun, but had Fisher-Price's pretend charcuterie board set existed then, well my children would have learned the real, important work of how to build a gorgeous cheese plate. And while I'm thrilled by this concept, it seems some are a little bothered by toy brie.

Ahead of the holidays, Fisher-Price unveiled the new product called Snack for Two. The charcuterie board playset comes with brie, pull-apart grapes, and salami. Also fabric napkins, a cheese knife, and a nice-looking board with plates for serving. I wouldn't be mad at this set up if it was served to me at my local cheese shop. (OK, maybe I would be a little mad if they only served me one kind of cheese and it was brie. But these are children and they're not that sophisticated yet. I'm just saying Fisher Price may want to consider some add-ons in the future.)

The reaction to the new charcuterie board has been decidedly mixed on social media. While I personally think it's charming, delightful, and inventive to encourage your kids to play with a pretend charcuterie board, there are plenty of people on social media who think it's a bit much. For example, one person wrote on Twitter that they "feel truly insane after looking at these product photos of a children's cheese and charcuterie board from Fisher-Price." Who knows, maybe they were mad at the limited cheese selection too?

CNN's Kristen Holmes wrote on Twitter that children who play with this charcuterie board might become too attached to correct pronunciations of foreign cities, and honestly this is a real threat.

"For the toddler on your list who won’t stop babbling about the culture in Barthelona, may we suggest: the Fisher Price charcuterie set," she tweeted.

Another person simply thought the set is for "bougie" toddlers and I don't disagree. But who doesn't love a bougie toddler?

Someone else apparently figured no one even wanted such a toy.

There are also people who find the charcuterie board "snooty," which has me worried that they haven't enjoyed the true joy of a well-designed cheese plate in their lives.

Still, there are many who love the concept. Like this lover of the kids in her life who figures a charcuterie set from Fisher Price is something the whole gang can enjoy while they live their best lives.

Personally, I love the idea of children sitting down to play adult over their charcuterie board. I picture them having deep conversations as they slice pick at the grapes and try not to the person who eats the last piece of cheese even though they can't stop staring at it. This, my friends, is what being an adult truly looks like.